About Us

Welcome to Heavy Vibe! You're either on this page because you legitimately care (we doubt that), or because you're going 'what kind of idiot runs a page like this?'. Valid question.

We don't even remember when this site was founded, it was some time in the dark ages of Twitter not being owned by Elon Musk.

Created because of some kind of misguided illusion that running a blog and working in the music industry was easy (it is, we're just lazy) we wanted to be those knights in shining armor that talked about independent, underground artists who need the light shined on them.

We've interviewed hundreds of artists, and obtained thousands of followers, and we aren't done anytime soon. So, continue to read, or go send us a lengthy admission of your hatred to our Facebook page. We read all of your unhinged ramblings like letters from our long-lost love.

Meet the head honcho. Founding the site way back when in around 2016, she's lived and breathed metal music since she was old enough to think Korn's 'Fuck That' was 'Bump That' (it was much more appropriate to circle pit to at daycare).

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