Metalcore Mondays. Yea, You Heard That Right.


Happy Monday, and what kind of monday would it be without music? Here's a Metalcore Monday for you, we're bringing it back, full fledged.

Kick your Monday morning off with something right. New music.

Wave of Ashes
Prog Metal, Metalcore, Melodic

For the fans of Currents, Thornhill, Northlane, LANDMVRKS, and Darko US- Fault's bringing in a nice blend of those screamy screamies and a butter smooth melodic dollop on top to tickle my ears into submission. Give it a listen.

Digital Phantom

Wanna see a dude run around in a straight jacket to a bop? Watch the video, if not, just turn it on in the background and enjoy. For the lovers of a little bit of fast-pasted (dare I even say, Rap Metal?) lyrics, edgy and energetic vocals. It's your classic Metalcore staple. For the lovers of Dropout Kings, Rage Against The Machine, and Korn.

Prog Metal, Metalcore

Pravus as a band is inspired heavily by the 90's & early 2000s- German based metalcore group formed in 2020, this is a pretty fresh release (40ish days old). I'm really excited to of had these guys submit- and I'm excited to see where they go from here with their music. For the lovers of Loathe, Thornhill, Invent Animate, Architects, and Deftones.


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