Liquid Pennies is sooooooooooooo good.


Not shitting you, these guys have probably had at least 30-50% of their recent streams come from me. I've really been jamming out to their discography, and as such I am obligated to tell you all to do the same.

Here's a bit about them as some background:

Drawing influences from a diverse range of genres such as psychedelia, post-punk, indie rock, hardcore, doom, jazz, and more, the band aims to distill the abstract into a concise form, keeping listeners engaged with their unique sound. Their debut album, "Floods," released in 2019, was self-produced using a combination of analog tape and digital techniques. The addition of Zoƫ Turtle on violin and vocals in the subsequent year led to the creation of "Secrets Dash," an independent release in June 2020.

In March 2021, Liquid Pennies unveiled their sophomore full-length album, "Distant Dawn," which was tracked and mixed in the latter half of 2020 with Nathan Doyle of Voyager Recordings. The year 2022 brought the analog-recorded D.E. ep., showcasing a raw and upfront sound. Following this, the hour-long journey titled "Any Wonder" featured numerous guest musicians, reflecting the band's growth and evolution inspired by diverse sources. January 2023 marked the release of "A Wake-Ending," exploring intricacies with a stripped-down yet technical approach honed during live performances.

After a successful East Coast tour in February 2023, Liquid Pennies expanded their lineup by bringing on dual drummers, Pierson Whicker and Casey Jones. On November 2nd, the band released their first single featuring the two drummers, titled "Name Dropper." (that's what I'm show you today)

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