This Week's Playlist Refreshers, For Combating Seasonal Depression.

It gets dark at 4pm, and I'm sick of it already. All of that aside, who really cares about how you or anyone else are feeling when you can drown it out with the sound of sweet tunes? I've been laboring away collecting the sweet ambrosia of bands you may or may not of heard before and compacting them all down into a dumb little blog post to be easily consumable by the masses. 

like hot dogs.

Free Under Fire
Genre: Hard Rock
Song Title: Nothing For The Soul

Formerly known as Critical, Free Under Fire is a Canadian rock band from Toronto. This band is great for people who are looking for that nostalgic rock song that would be used in a summertime montage for a cult classic movie. 

Liquid Pennies
Genre: Thrash Metal, Punk
Song Title: Tickling the Wire

This song is great for people looking for an energetic, aggressive punk that matches perfectly with the energy of a Florida man breaking into a local gas station store and then jumping over a barbed wire fence. Liquid Pennies is based out of Tampa Bay, Florida and happened to submit this song into my sweaty little paws as they're trying to branch out outside of the realm of Florida man, Disney adults, and gators. 

I don't blame them.

Genre: Post-Punk, Pop Punk
Song Title: philophobia

I'm a sucker for some Pop-Punk, and this would scratch an itch for people who like Machine Gun Kelly, Blink-182, Falling In Reverse, and POORSTACY. It's not emo- but this song makes you want to put on way to much dark eyeshadow and wear low rise jeans. It's also cool to get some music from outside of my normal realm of submissions- PK is a Estonian artist who's goal is to blend sounds from new-school hip hop, emo, pop punk, hyperpop, alt rock and even euro trance, his inspiration comes from many different artists like Machine Gun Kelly, POORSTACY and bands like Blink 182 & Panic! At The Disco. 

Pink Tummies
Genre: Doom/Sludge
Song Title: Taken Everything

For all you filthy doom lovers. While it's tagged with Doom Metal/Sludge, it's also tagged with Stoner Rock & Deathcore, which makes sense when you listen to it. This gumbo of a song is meant for people who are FFO- Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, and  In Flames.

The Dwarves
Genre: Thrash Metal
Songs Titles: Voodoo & Roxette

These guys really like fake blood & internal organs, but hey, we all have our things. The Dwarves brought on Josh Freese from Foo Fighters as a feature for the drums on the song. Both of songs are good for a freaky, energetic, and nostalgic rock sound that reminds me of a Scooby-Doo montage. But not like a Ghost song, in a good way. 


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