Here's 5 New Artists To Make This Week Better

5 Songs, 5 Artists, one for each day of the work week. We have your back in that aspect, because let's be real- the work week can suck sometimes. Introducing some new music that you'll love, hate, or will have you simply going back to tip tapping away at your job.

Either way, new music is good for you, and we're here to spoon-feed it to you.

What Awaits Us

Genre: Modern Metal
Similar artists: Architects, August Burns Red, Breakdown of Sanity, Monuments, Crystal Lake, After The Burial, Northlane

When a band submits with a FFO of Architechts and August Burns Red, I'm going to listen regardless. Overall this is a pretty solid edition for your classic metal enjoyed. Proud to admit I wrote a nasty little email to HR while listening to this song, and I bet you could too. Under the banner of modern metal, What Awaits Us, a Finnish powerhouse boldly explores the boundaries of the genre through a distinctive musical fusion. The band seamlessly weaves melancholic melodies with impactful guitar riffs, drawing influences from the metalcore and melodic deathcore sub-genres.

The driving force behind What Awaits Us consists of:
Aleksi Kiianlehto (Vocals)
Olli Korpela (Guitars & Backing Vocals)
Miika Pouttu (Guitars)
Eetu Mellin (Drums)


Genre: Thrash Metal, Metalcore, Melodic Metal
Moods: Aggressive, Epic, Dark

The intro got me, made me do a weird face, and then progressively that face got more contorted until I'd stopped working entirely to just sit back and listen to this song. I'm always a sucker for Melodic Metal, even if I'd like to say I'm cooler than that, I'm not. Some of you are going to kick me for throwing in a 'ough' song, but fight me, it's good. Since 2005, this band has been making waves in the music scene with their modern metal sound, blending elements from metalcore, thrash, and industrial metal. Known for their unique style, they gained popularity with albums like "NOVA" (2013) and "Convergence" (2017). Their biggest success came with "Glamour & Gloom" in March 2020, which reached #45 on the German Top 100 Album Charts and garnered over 10 million global streams.

TENSIDE has solidified their presence through live performances in various settings, from underground clubs to major festivals worldwide. They've headlined tours across Europe, the UK, China, and Japan, sharing stages with top acts like Killswitch Engage, Trivium, As I Lay Dying, and Bad Wolves. From Wacken Open Air to China's Midi Festival, they've rocked stages globally. Now, they're gearing up to take the next step in their musical journey.

Low Gear

Genre: Rap Metal
Similar artists: Slipknot, Mudvayne, Korn, Drowning Pool, Static-X
Moods: Aggressive, Energetic

This one is a little funkier, and by that, I mean one of these songs is about Elon Musk and the other one is just an entire song about sex. But it's up to you to figure out which one is about what. I trust your abilities of deduction as a reader. It's like the worst conglomeration of all the things that made people hate nu-metal, and it kinda works.

Low Gear is:
Dr. Roach Fukic: Lead singer.
Rick Platinum Snare: Drums.
Mucky: Guitars, 9-string.
The Notorious Goat: Bass guitars.
Sam I Am: Guitars, Pick-Axe.

HEIRLOOM x Judge & Jury

Genre: Screamo, Metalcore, Hard Rock
Similar artists: Motionless In White, Bad Omens, Bring Me The Horizon

This song, this song is what I was missing in my life. It's calling to the emo little child inside me that listened to TDG, and that makes so much more sense because a founding member of the production team (Judge & Jury) is NEIL SANDERSON. Had a little cackle at that and replayed the song after listening.

HEIRLOOM, a metalcore band from Raleigh, North Carolina, debuted with their EP "The Furthest Corners," produced by Chris Davis of The Ghost Inside & Texas In July. The four-piece group has shared stages with notable acts like A Day to Remember, Breaking Benjamin, Like Moths to Flames, & Bad Omens.

Judge & Jury, an Artist/Production team, was founded by Multiplatinum Record Producer Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson, Founder/Member of the #1 active rock band Three Days Grace. Howard, known for producing multiple albums for Three Days Grace, collaborated with Neil when he began producing records for the band. Their partnership resulted in the most #1 songs at active rock radio in history. While still working with Three Days Grace, they also formed the production/artist/songwriting powerhouse.

Reaction Feed

Genre: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Screamo

What the hell is midwest emo? Is this it? Not sure, maybe lakefront emo. But regardless, I was on a pretty hard metalcore train for all of my other songs. Time to appeal to the flannel-wearing masses of the alt & screamo niche of you assholes that read this site. From the looks of their non-existent band info, they are a 4 piece from Seatle. Decently young (I see a man bun), so I hope to see more in the future for all the vibey pieces they put out.



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