Why Is TikTok A Good Place To Promote Your Music?


A lot of people hate it, but in the grand scheme of things, this platform has been great to a lot of people, and it might be great to you. TikTok is a tricky platform to get a grasp under, but some of the most important things that fuel how a video does is:

1- How many people watch it?

2- Do they watch it more than once?

3- Is it a popular sound?

4- What Hashtags does it use?

5- Is there text on the video?

6- Do the viewers like & comment on the video? 

There are more than likely more than just those 6, but those I could pull off of the top of my head right now. TikTok has nearly 2 billion downloads, so there is a whole lot of people on the app every day. The biggest goal for anyone posting on TikTok is to be placed on a lot of people's 'For You Page's, it's essentially the explore page on Instagram, one feed for the people you follow, and the other feed for what TikTok's algorithm believes you'd like. The end goal is to get your video onto a lot of people's FYP. More exposure, more reach, and inevitably, more engagement. 

Large Possibility For Exposure

Tiktok is a little bit like the wild west, there is such a large opportunity for exposure, but it very much falls under the dandelion effect. For those who haven't heard of that before, it's like blowing on a dandelion flower and hoping that the seeds land somewhere good. This can be applied to the similarities of hoping that one of the videos you release gets good engagement and reach. One of the most important things when you start on TikTok is to not have high expectations. If you get 20 likes, that's 20 more than you would've had originally. If you get 500 views on a video, that's 500 people who have been exposed to you that have (most likely) never heard of you before. While it might seem like small numbers, it is all about building up and starting somewhere. The more videos you put out, the higher % chance of hitting it big in the aspect of virality.

Long story short, its a long play, not a short one. 

Focus on TikTok Friendly Music Snippets

15 seconds, that's all you have to make your impression on the app. The catchiest 15 seconds of any of your songs, are used to create an easily digestible snippet of video for people to scroll onto, like, and continue on with their FYP journey. 

Being able to choose the best 15 seconds to make a TikTok too, or even longer snippets for your videos. But here's a little tip, the shorter your video, the more people will watch it. Especially if the video has text in it, if it takes someone 10 seconds to read all the text in a TikTok and the video is only 7 seconds long, the video will loop and it does this neat little trick where all of a sudden TikTok's algorithm realizes that suddenly, people have more interest in this specific video because they are watching it more than once when in reality, they are watching it more than once because they are trying to read all of the text. 

Text On A Video

It's widely regarded that having text in your videos increases the overall performance of your video, so even if it's something small and stupid, when you are getting ready to publish a video, you might consider adding some text, or even using the voice to text option on the videos to add that element to your videos. 


Hashtags are a bit of a slippery slope, some people say that they are the best things ever for promoting your video, and other people say your video does just as fine without using hashtags.

Personally, I can't claim anything on the side of mega virality, the largest video I have published got 120k views and 20k like but it got taken down due to 'community violations'. However, what I can say from that experience of uploading that video, was it didn't have any hashtags in it. And as I am scrolling through the FYP, more often than not there are no hashtags put into the captions of the post.

Hashtags work a little like this:

For example, we are using #fyp

If 10 someone make a video, and they put #fyp in it, and 2-3 people from each video like it, there is suddenly a trend of people liking videos with #fyp in it.

What this does, is the algorithm takes this trend of a small sample of people liking #fyp videos, and recommend the other 10 videos (exchanging the videos in a way that doesn't overlap) and it recommends them to the same group of people, and so on and so forth until the hashtag essentially grows to such a large size, as the hashtag is now. 

Don't Aimlessly Follow

It follows the same rules that I would give to Instagram, you can follow this guideline, or blatantly ignore it. It just depends on the route you want to go on with growing your account on TikTok. 

Don't randomly follow people that have nothing to do with your niche, just in the hopes that they will follow you back. It's different to like & follow other artists and engage with them online, but random people on your FYP may lead to a lower reach overall with your videos because suddenly there isn't a defineable demographic of people liking, following you, and engaging on your videos.

This goes the same for commenting on every single post on your FYP-

"Hi, I'm a 17 year old rapper and I'd really appreciate if you check out my music"




Great, it might work for the short term, but then you're known as the guy that is constantly commenting spam. It's annoying, and in the long term, it really doesn't help you build a community around your page that cares for your music or your message.

Already Have A Community?

If you already have a community, you are at an advantage compared to other artists who are starting out from a blank state. Running things like giveaways, competitions, etc. Are all great ways to encourage engagement on your videos that lead to a larger reach.

Duetting people who use your songs for their videos, is also a great way to engage with your (even if it is small) community. Keeping active with them makes them feel like you are present & care about your fans, which is important for being able to build a stable & strong community. 


  1. TikTok does not offer makers monetization of their recordings at this stage. This doesn’t cruel it could be a closed entryway. Through TikTok, makers can secure sponsorship and brand bargains for their posts, particularly if they have an expansive number of adherents.

    1. As of right now, if you are accepted into the creator fund there is the ability to make anywhere from 2-4 cents per 1k views (this obviously varies on engagement and other factors) . This post was speaking mainly for the oppurtunity to increase an artists/bands exposure, rather than earn off of views.

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