Trap Metal Artist Nxxses Releases 'Take My Heart'

 Nxxses is an independent alternative musician out of South Carolina who works within many styles of music, but primarily centers around the genres (and blends of) rap, metal, and alternative. He got his start in the year of 2020, releasing a few singles and an 8-song EP to establish his brand and style as a musician. 2021 followed with a full-length electronic album, titled "mental state", along with a slamming death metal EP in the summer, a blackened doom/downtempo deathcore standalone single, and finally a deathtrap style EP on Halloween. In 2022, Nxxses will be following suit with his greatest work yet, a return to his signature altrap/trap metal blend with a brand new, all-killer-no-filler full length and a few singles preceding it. 

FFO: Ghostemane, OmenXIII, Jeris Johnson


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