One-Man Extreme Metal Project CHUGGA RITUAL Release 'In Trance​-​Lah'


CHUGGA RITUAL, the one-man extreme music project of Bo Skullbanger, returns with In Trance-lah, an album to celebrate 30 years of his journey in writing, recording, and playing distortion guitar music since 1991 with Fractured Skull, Manifest, and Urbankarma. In Trance-lah, which was released online on last December 18th, 2021, is a 10-song album that features 5 songs from Chugga Ritual and from Cryo Inferno, Necrolestes, Sungei Seleter Blues Experience, Munky Pants, and Orkes Biar Batik. Munky Pants is the band of Skullbanger’s three sons. The Chugga Ritual segment of the album sees greater experimentation with Skullbanger fusing swing jazz beats, surf rock guitar stylings, D n B drum sounds, and Black Metal riffs to the signature Chugga Ritual low tuning heavy distortion chuggery. In Trance-lah is now available on all streaming platforms.

Chugga Ritual is an extreme music project from Singapore since 2008. The project is inspired by the 2005 Roadrunner United All-Stars project of various captains working with different musicians for different songs. Over the years, Bo Skullbanger has collaborated with known Singapore musicians such as Addy Rasidi, Kathiresan of Rudra, and Khalid Mobin Of Rusty Blade. Skullbanger also has collaborated with Marc Rizzo, former lead guitar player of Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy. 

FFO: Soulfly, Pig Destroyer, Confess


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