Death Metal Band Gangs Of Old Ladies Release 'Disease Of The Undead'


Australian-based international band G.O.O.L. is back with a brand-new single with a matching horror novella and a fourth member as well! Joining the line-up is well-known old-school death metal musician Rick "Razor" Rozz (ex- Death/Massacre ).

Jekyll's passion for zombies has finally been given the green light to become a song and not only does it display the awesome talents of long-time lead guitarist David Andersson, but the track also features a pack of well-known metal personalities from around the world! Ranging from Chuck Billy  (Testament) to Gene Hoglan (Dethklok/Dark Angel) doing zombie voices! The track is a direct tribute to the legendary George Romero and the talented Dan O'Bannon who both made a huge impact on creating and shaping zombie films as we know them today.


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