So You Wanna Sneak Booze? In A Festival? Shame On You. Just Bring Your Sunscreen.

The dedicated alcoholics around me have given me the greatest firsthand knowledge on sneaking that special spicy juice into the festival. So why not pass that down onto you? The cheap bastard who doesn't want to spend 9 dollars on a cocktail.

You better listen up, because if you're gonna get this on Amazon before your festival you'll need to order soon.

Smuggs Jugs Disguised Hidden Four Bottle Two Tube Drinking Flasks Kit
Smuggs Jugs Disguised Hidden Four Bottle Two Tube Drinking Flasks Kit

The all-loved favorite of sneaking booze into the festivals is fake sunscreen bottles. Now, if you don't want to get the off-brand sunscreen and your feeling like pulling a James Bond you could always just buy the seals (I'll link them below) and wash the old sunscreen bottle out, put your apple juice in and seal it, go on your merry way with an on-brand sunscreen flask. But some of us don't wanna have to wash out the sun screen and just order it off of Amazon. 

You've got theese nice bottles, and since it comes in a pack of three, if your attending a festival with more than one person you can get a bottle of sunscreen per person. Here's The Link To Them.

But, these were the hidden sunscreen flasks that a friend of mine got when they went to a fest, filled them up with tequilla then and proceded to do the macarena in a porta potty. So if anything that means they work great. They also come with a whole bunch of those seals that you put onto the lid and simply screw on so that it's a sealed contained of sunscreen so no questions can be asked when you go through the bag searches at the entrance to the festival. Just remember to fill it up all the way so that if they decide to start shaking your sunscreen it dosent sound like a bottle full of booze. You Can Get The Link To Them Here.

Now, if you're a lady and you'd like to portion out your smuggled in booze for the night, maybe the tampon flask is for you. We'd like to say that this would work equally for men, which it may, it just depends on how scary they think a tampon is. Which varies from case to case. But either way, these are great for someone who would like to add them into the ungodly expensive cocktails at the fesitval- or even adding them to a non alcholic beverage (like one of those lemonde slushies) and really having some fun.

But if you're just looking for the seals to turn whatever containing unit you diecide to use into a sealed containing unit, you can simply just use some seals off. Here's The Link To That.

But yea, hats off to you, you brave warrior. Standing up against the fundamental properties of capitalism by sneaking booze into a music festival. Now you can justify spending that twenty-two dollars on that plate of nachos.


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