Let's Start a Pop Korn Cover Band and Call It 'PopKorn'

 While I feel like this may already be a thing, please enjoy an attempt at originality and a light-hearted meme pitched by my road trip passenger this morning.

Allow me to paint you a scene, I am driving down I5 this morning and my lovely passenger turns down 'Fuck That' by Korn. Most likely uncomfortable due to the bi-polar nature of my playlist as the song before was Toxic by Britney Spears. He looks over at the dash and reads out the song title and emphasizes 'Korn', begins laughing to himself, and makes his business pitch. 

"Why doesn't someone make a cover band that only does pop songs and call it PopKorn?" 

Someone has had to of done it right?

So far I haven't found any, but I found an old Reddit thread that had the same idea because I refused to believe that no one on this Earth had come up with the concept of 'PopKorn' before us. 

But hear me out. Let's start a pop cover band of Korn. Now, trying to decide if we go with a popcorn theme and dress accordingly, this is where you start to need the opinions of others. Now personally, I have come up with some costume concepts for the band. I think they are all amazing, but not as many people have the same artistic vision that I have- so bear with me. 

I think the band members need to dress up like concession stand workers, it would match the aesthetic perfect for the band as I assume they would be playing at weird birthday parties or at the calculated height time of drunkenness during a music festival. 

Here is the other costume concept.

And of course, if we have any women in the band they can have a different costume than the cob-

But yea, maybe even have a blend of all 3? I think it is a great concept of a band and you can't tell me anything different. If you are interested in joining this band please send me an email and we can connect.

But in reality please don't send me an email. 


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