Review Of Okrütnik - "Wrześniowe Popołudnie Rzeźnika '52"

Okrütnik - "Wrześniowe Popołudnie Rzeźnika '52" 

Alright, right off the bat. This song started well, with an interesting and true intro first riffs were nice but then the song became very dull. It is still respectable work. The vocals I did not enjoy at all. I get that this is very black metal-ish and stuff but even in black metal there are vocals that pierce your soul. These vocals need A LOT of work or simply change the vocalist. Right now they sound very weak and bad.

Would I listen to this band again? Fuck no.
Would I watch it at a festival? I'm outta there in a sec.

I give it a 5.5/10 with no true seal of approval.

Review By Poser


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