ESTHR- Violence [30 Days of Features]


ESTHR is an electro-rock act that has been Described as 'a synth-driven wall of sound', ESTHR is a 4 piece Rock/Electronic band from Deal, Kent. 

Incorporating the use of synths & heavy guitar tones, ESTHR are of the same threads as other British Electronic Rock bands such as Enter Shikari, THE HUNNA, Bring Me The Horizon & YMAS. Growing up, members of the band were influenced by the Nu-Metal generation of bands such as Linkin Park (& anything on Kerrang!)

ESTHR began releasing singles in 2017, where they found their feet in their developing sound. More singles released in 2018/19 saw Esthr growing their fanbase and introducing heavier sounds into their music and playing live shows locally developing a strong fanbase. 


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