Today's Top 10 Metal Songs- 11/6/20


Heavy Vibe is back on SubmitHub, so as I have time I will be uploading more and more of these to give you guys some great new bands to check out! Want to see more of these bands on Heavy Vibe? Send us a message on our socials or comment below on this post!

1. Capital Theater- Force to Fight

Genre: Hard Rock, Alternative Rock

2. The Last King- Abberation
Genre: Metalcore, Death Metal, Black Metal

3.Uforia- Start Me Up Again
Genre: Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock

4. Heliocentric- Never Again
Genre: Metalcore

5. Axty- A Letter To My Ghosts
Genre: Screamo / Post-Hardcore, Progressive Metal / Djent, Metalcore

6. I Saw The Deep- Lead The Way - Across The Crystal Tundra
Genre: Doom Metal / Sludge, Hard Rock, Grunge

7. Con Artist- Emerald
Genre: Progressive Metal / Djent, Metalcore, Ambient & Drone

8. Illusive- The Viel
Genre: Metalcore

9. Ironchain- Hell Breaks Loose
Genre: Melodic Metal, Hard Rock

10. Vice Versa- CAST ØUT
Genre: Progressive Metal / Djent, Metalcore, Industrial


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