We Asked sTaRaTs 10 Random Questions

Have you ever worn a wig before? If you have what kind of wig was it?
Never wore a wig before lol. Hope I'll never have to either.

If you could get rid of one chain restaurant what chain restaurant would you get rid of?
Captain D's. Fish is gross. Fast food fish is even worse.

Do you like Salami?
On a cracker with cheese? Sure.

What is a scent that you like that other people think is weird? (Ex. Sharpies, Gasoline)
I like how skunk smells from a distance but if they get to close its bad.

Have you ever let someone else get punished for something you did?
Yes, unfortunately.

Who is your favorite character from Spongebob OTHER than Spongebob?
Bubble buddy for sure. He always kept it real.
What do you normally put on your burger?
What is your least favorite vehicle model? Why do you not like it?
Pt cruiser. Or those hamster cars that are all boxy. Both of them can go fuck off.

Do you have a Tiktok account? How do you feel about that platform?
I do not have one. And its kinda just the new vine. It's def taking over.
If you could have any meal/food from a movie/TV show, what would you choose to eat?
I wanna eat the teacups from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. All that shit looked bomb.


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