This Weeks Heavy Vibe Approved Tracks

I haven't done one of these in a little bit and I do apologize. Working with submithub is a little difficult and I am still trying to find out how I want to work with it and getting my mojo working on the platform. But without further ado, here is the Heavy Vibe approved tracks for this week!

Jumpman- Greif Seed

Punk, Metalcore

Jordan Red- Don't Let The Heavens Fall

Melodic Metal, Hard Rock

Eran Kious- Enjoy The Rain

Rap, Hip-Hop / Conscious Hip-Hop

Roddie Flacco- I Can't Lose


Wes Anderson - Mind Quarantine feat. Ted Bowne of Passafire

Rap Metal, Hard Rock

S'efforcer - 72 Hours

Screamo / Post-Hardcore, Melodic Metal

Chris Cachia - My Resolve

Rap, Hip-Hop / Conscious Hip-Hop, Blues

Titans- In Recognition

Metalcore, Melodic Metal


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