10 Random Questions Awnsered By Despised Masses

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Welcome to the first of many, many amazing interviews. 10 completely random questions for your favorite artists to answer! Despised Masses is a Dejected Records affiliated artist with a new album out called 'Despised God'. Experimental and Hardcore, you could say he makes 'Fight Music'.

What is your favorite animal? Why is it your favorite animal and what would its name be if you had one as a pet.
My favorite animal is definitely an owl. They just look majestic asf and for as long as I can remember I’ve loved them and always thought about getting a license to be able to have one as a pet. It would be named noctowl.

Does rice belong outside of the nori on sushi or inside the seaweed wrap in your sushi? Explain why.
Definitely outside, way better packed and a lot more filling although I can eat sushi for days on end without relent!

Is a hotdog a sandwich?
Yes, I consider it to be a long sandwich.

What is your most liked track that you've made?
Overlord off my new album Despised God, it was a lot of fun to record and it goes hard asf n I feel can cause some shit in the pits. Planning to make some merch based stopping its lyrics/content as well!

What is your least liked track you've made?
Lone just because it was the first time I tried singing for a few years and I feel I could’ve done better with it. I was also just starting to learn autotune so I didn’t use it properly either. I still dig it though but it’s not something I’ll do again for a while since I enjoy rapping & screaming a lot more haha.

 Do you eat food that’s past its expiration date if it still smells and looks fine?
Yes as that is just recommended and I’ve never gotten sick from doing it. But certain foods like meat it’s very hard not to as it gets real greasy real fast

What did you search on Google last?
"Pok√©mon sword expansion pass" as I saw the other half was released and I’m dying to get it!

What is something odd that you think smells good? (Ex. Sharpies, Gasoline.)
Nothing really comes to mind, I don’t have a very good sense of smell haha.

What is one band that you can't stand to listen to?
Country music that comes after the 60s...

Plug your most recent track below. Then, in your best impression of an infomercial, sell it to your readers.

This is the third and last single off of Despised God, one the hardest tracks I’ve released to date, and if you wanna break some shit and throw some punches this be the track for that. It’s featuring a day one homie bubsRN$ and is certainly a banger. Ever meet someone or been in a situation you felt doesn’t vibe with you? Well, I guess you better get to killing the vibe with this track. The energy of the track mixed with the lyrical content is sure to make you wanna get the fuck up and do something. What that something is, is for you to decide! It’s on all platforms so no need to look far if you wanna have an aggressive ass ride with us!


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