Ticketmaster Changes Refund Policy Amid COVID-19 Disruptions

So, with the economic uncertainty for lots of people, as well as a lot of shows being canceled, postponed, and rescheduled, Ticketmaster has changed their return policy due to an influx of returns causing the company to become low on cash.

Now, this isn't Ticketmaster making it so that if your show gets canceled, you can't get a refund,  however, they have changed their policy on returns.
Ticketmaster Receives Backlash After Changing Refund Policy

This is a screenshot of their old policy on returns/refunds for tickets,
Ticketmaster Receives Backlash After Changing Refund Policy
and this is the recent update of their return policy. So, it went from postponed shows, rescheduled shows, and canceled shows are refundable to only canceled shows. It makes sense, mainly because the canceled shows are the ones that have no chance of happening because they were canceled. But, I also realize the side of where people who use Ticketmaster are mad, shows that are postponed with no definite date can't exactly just wait it out for an unknown date to be listed. But obviously, because of COVID-19, no one is going to be going to a concert any time soon- and I mean that within the next two months, possibly even longer.

Anyways, this will probably get changed back to normal once the pandemic ends. And if it doesn't? There are lots of other places to buy tickets from.


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