THINKTANK Is The Pop Rock You Need In Your Life, Check Out Their Song 'LEGACY'

So I don't normally listen to Pop Rock, but I've been getting a lot more submitted to me, so I've obviously been listening to it thus listening to more Pop Rock. This song got submitted to me and I can't stop listening to it, I am not joking you, I am so surprised this song hasn't blown up because not only the quality of it is amazing but the overall song is something that makes it an egg from the golden goose. So yea, in short, I do highly recommend you check out LEGACY.

THINKTANK is an Artist based out fo Birmingham, UK. On the submission, I get a little blurb about the song, so here you go: Birmingham based songwriter Rod Masih is back with a bigger and fuller sound; with the riff roaring pulsating new single Legacy out on the 29th February (on all major platforms). This track marks a step in a different musical direction from the original acoustic-led EP offering to an electric guitar-driven bigger sound. What has not changed is the honest and thought-provoking lyrics and catchy melodies. This new track gives an exciting glimpse into what 2020 could sound like.


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