Interview with Kylof Söze on COVID, 2020, and his song 'Witapoke'.

Hey, remember that song I posted a while ago because I thought it was awesome? Well, a few DM's later on Instagram and now here you go. Hope you enjoy it!

How has COVID affected you?

- To be honest, COVID hasn't affected me too severely. The only impact it has had on me is that I cannot go to work, school or practices for wrestling, haha but besides that, it's not bad. I'm not really a partier or extrovert so staying home 24/7 isn't too bad. More time to create.

Do you have any music plans for 2020?

- Big big big plans for 2020. Nothing concrete but lots of work I plan on putting in. Also, I plan on investing a lot of time and $$ into my music. Ideally, 2020 will continue to build off 2019 which means more followers, more plays, more music.

Can you tell me what some of the influences were for Witapoke?

- Honestly, I never thought I was going to post Witapoke. I was just having fun and trying to make something super ignorant haha the kicker though was definitely the beat. I thought it was super different from other rap beats and from what I had previously put lyrics to so I thought it would be dope. I was also listening to lots of house and dubstep at the time, shit like SAINt JHN - "Roses" Imanbek Remix so that definitely gave me some inspiration. 

How about the process for the creation of the song, were there any rough spots in the creative process? 

- I think Witapoke was actually the easiest and quickest song I have put together. Personally, I only write songs when I get a certain feeling from the beat. The beat to Witapoke just gave me this crazy energy and motivation, and with that, the lyrics just spilled out. I think writing the song only took like ten or fifteen minutes. Recording, mixing, and getting the exclusive rights to the beat took the rest of the day. 

You can go on tour with any two Bands or Artists, who would you go with and why?

- I love this question. First artist would definitely be Lil Skies. I love the dude's energy and his music. I know he's one of the biggest names out, but I still feel he is overlooked. Dude has mad talent and his flow/lyrics are insane. 
The second artist/band would have to be Deftones. Honestly just love their music. I've seen them twice and every time they finish a concert they have fans leaving with smiles and feeling like they just witness history. They're mad talented and I feel like I'd see eye to eye with then on a lot. 

What song would you say was the hardest to make out of all of the music you've made?

- This is a great question. I feel like my creative process is fairly unique and is totally natural. I never force any song. I always allow the beat to make the songs direction and I only write to beats that give me a certain feeling. Due to this process, every song I've put out has been written in one sitting which is pretty nice. Although the most difficult one that I've made would have to be BRACES. I think what made it more difficult than the others is that there were some parts of the verse I eventually changed which lengthened the creative process but still it was only one sitting haha. 

Do you have any artists are you planning on collaborating with?

- Not looking for collaborations right now, unless its an artist I like listening to and is bigger than me. I feel like it is important for me to get my sound out right now which I think is best through solo tracks.

If you could set a goal that you would achieve by the end of the year, what would it be and why would it be that? And what will you be doing to work towards that goal?

- I think a good goal would be to reach 5k followers on Soundcloud. Right now I'm a little over 1k which took 10 months but as I grow the process will speed up. Besides follow count, I definitely wanna keep seeing my numbers grow. I guess a general goal would be continued growth. My music is my therapy, my best friend and also my creation so I would love to see it prosper and grow to something much larger. To achieve these things Imma keep making good stuff, getting AMV's done and just keep spreading my name. 

How do you feel now that you are in 2020, how would you explain your growth from where you first started out?

- Feeling good, I think 2020 has started out as one of my best years to date. My growth nowadays is probably 100x what it was 10 months ago haha. I think it's just been a nice mixture of good music, being genuine in life and on tracks, and of course some luck. I also feel as though I know the process of growth better now, and as though I have gained valuable experience. 

A message to your fans?

- Just keep bumping my shit haha I hope that I am able to create music that allows my listeners to feel comfortable and confident, cause honestly, that's what it does for me. I also hope y'all are staying safe and healthy. 


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