Here's A Link For A Free Download to Decimator's New Single 'BLACK DOG CREEPS'

Once again another submission another day, I got Decimator submitted to Heavy Vibe's SubmitHub and I just like how it was a throwback to older thrash, so now, I'm sharing it with you. Below there is a link to go check out their free download to 'BLACK DOG CREEPS'.

Decimator signed to Neat Records bringing an element of OTT theatrics to the UK thrash scene. Although, part of the scene Decimator just did and do what they do regardless of any scene. Their apocalyptic Mad Max Vibe and speedy take on NWOBHM led Kerrang! to call Decimator “the ultimate punk-metal evolution” while another reviewer described the band as “sounding like Lemmy fronting Venom”.
The band formed in Portsmouth when Lord Mad Dog [AKA Barry Coward] joined after his punk band Ad Nauseum disbanded. He got the name after a Sound’s review which said he sounded like a mad dog trapped inside an industrial vacuum cleaner.
The band signed to Neat Records in 1989 and released two well-received albums. Carnage City State Mosh Patrol (1989) and Dirty Hot and Hungry (1992). The latter receiving a KKKKK review in Kerrang! and Metal Hammer calling it a minor metal classic. They played the Marquee Club on several occasions and also supported the likes of Sabbat, Angel Witch, Deathwish and Cronus amongst others. The band was due to play with the Ramones on 10 date tour of the UK. However, this fell through due to useless management and record company communication and the Band separated not long after. In 2018 the band was interviewed for Ian Glasper’s history of the UK thrash scene “Contract in Blood” and after meeting up decided to reform and record an EP. Entitled 2029 it has 4 tracks and is released on 7” red vinyl initially with its digital release to follow.

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