Here's 10 Heavy Vibe Approved Songs You Should Check Out.

I'm trying this out as a new way to give you guys a bunch of great music, all in one place because I know some of you sweethearts are a little lazy and won't go check out all 15 of these if they were all separate posts. So here's a breakdown of the 15 songs for this week that I do believe you should check out.

**Oh, here's another note to clarify, these aren't ranked 1-15 best songs, their just 1-15 songs, because I know you guys will start beefing over who is best and who isn't I'll let you guys vote for that later. Anyways, enjoy!

1. 3000 A.D- Cells
Genre: Thrash Metal
About: 3000 A.D is a crossover thrash metal band from Christchurch, New Zealand. Guitarist Sam Pryor, bassist Scott Austin, and drummer Hellmore Bones formed the band to fuse their passion for Thrash Metal, 80’s Punk Rock and bleak, dystopian, futuristic imagery. 

The Void (the band's debut album) was recorded in studios in Hollywood, California and Auckland, New Zealand. Award-winning engineer and producer Clint Murphy mixed the album, and it was mastered at the iconic Sterling Sound in New York City. The gatefold artwork was painted by famed Berlin-based artist Eliran Kantor.

In a short time, they have been together 3000 A.D have toured across New Zealand and gained airplay on several major radio stations. Now looking to expand their horizons further, the 3 pieces are set to tour Eastern Europe for the first time in support of their recently completed album ‘The Void’ which is released on March 27, 2020.

2. Mime x Gt_Ofice- Out Of My Head
Genre: EDM

3. Cloudy June- High Waist To Hell
Genre: Alternative
About: 21-year-old Cloudy June from Berlin is about to take off as a solo artist with her dark pop sound.

After 3 years as the singer of a death metal band, she is now on hey way solo and proves on her new single "High Waist To Hell" (Release: 17. April 2020) that she has left surprisingly little of her past behind.

With an aesthetic that stands so much for Generation Z, which no longer knows any genre-boundaries and for whom it is no problem to like Tyler The Creator and Lana Del Ray at the same time, the Half-Cuban artist releases the spring hit of 2020

Modern pop and still a homage to AC/DC. Because no matter if Indie Rock, Mainstream Pop, Soul or Death Metal, Cloudy believes that everything can be combined with each other to create it’s very own unique sound.

From metal pubs and renowned punk clubs, like the SO36, to the big hall of the Elbphilharmonie - the half-Cuban singer, who was praised by Radio Stations as a "hopeful young voice", has already played herself into the hearts of an ever-growing fan community.

Genre: Rap
About:  A.M. SNiPER, is an English-Cypriot rapper, record producer, as well as a former member of So Solid Crew.

5. My Missing Half- Before Waves And Rocks Catch Me
Genre: Death Metal
About: Formed in 2011, the band recorded two tracks with producer Shane Frisby the same year. These songs gave the band some local attention and helped earn them spots opening for a number of national artists such as Death Angel, Havok, War of Ages, Within the Ruins and more.

6. Belle & The Vertigo Waves- Pulse
Genre: Punk Rock/ Alt-Rock
About: Belle and the Vertigo Waves is a Kansas City Alt-Rock band with lead singer Belle Loux and her six-person band including drums, bass, keys, and 2-3 guitars. She is also available for acoustic gigs with a smaller setup and has played at The Rino KC, as well as coffee shops and open mic nights in Kansas City.

7. Alternative Radio- Julie's Got a Gun
Genre: Indie Rock/ Alternative

8. Roki Taylor- No Happy Endings
Genre: Emo Hip-Hop
About: Independent artist born in Nagoya, Japan. Raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Roki Taylor is well known for his storytelling through his unique style of music. He captures his listeners by taking them on an emotional journey through events of his own life.

9. Emerald Shine- We'll Be Back
Genre: Melodic Metal
About: Emerald Shine is a band from Northern Moravia, Czech Republic, fusing the power of metal music with the delightful sound of a harp, violin, recorders, and tin whistles. The usage of three different vocal styles and progressive elements adds to the originality and versatility of their music.

Emerald Shine was born from the need of the main composer and songwriter, Leena, to tell fantasy stories via music which would be heavy and atmospheric at the same time. In 2013, she managed to bring the first line-up of musicians together. Since then, the band has developed their specific style and sound within the folk metal genre.

With all the above-listed instruments and voices performed live, Emerald Shine has been well received by fans at music clubs and festivals. The band has so far released two CDs, a demo EP Beneath the Stars (2016) and a debut full-length album Misty Tales (2018), plus several music videos, of which Rainy Night has been the most successful, becoming one of the 12 finalists of the year 2018 in a music video chart on the Czech channel TV Rebel. Nowadays, the band is performing in Czechia, Poland, and Slovakia and composing material for a brand new album.

10. Big Ale- Shrek 2
Genre: Rap