Guess What? It's Another Song I Will Shamelessly Plug You, Kylof Söze - WitaPoke

I've been listening to this song on repeat just like Gxth B!tch, because I feel like they both work with each other when I am trying to motivate myself in the morning to get up and write these posts. But yea, it's another song I found on Scroll's channel, but I found the original on the Artists' channel just so for the views that do go to the song, do go to the original and not a reupload because you know, you gotta make your .0000065 cents every time I put this slapper on.

But yea, as I am finishing up on a series of articles that I've been working on for a while, I'll just be regularly uploading a bunch of songs I find really good, and then shoving them all in your face. Also, hopefully, some new interviews will be out soon with some people you fancy. Until then.



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