How To Grow Your Music's Audience: YouTube Channels Edition

As a musician, the main goal is usually to grow your audience so that you can grow the number of people who listen to your music, follow you, and eventually, earn you an income. So for this post in this new series, I will be focusing on YouTube- specifically promo channels. And going more in-depth with how they can help you as a musician grow your audience. These will be more text-heavy, but that's so I can be more in-depth so you guys can learn more. I hope you enjoy!

YouTube Channels

One of the biggest things that have established themselves as a quick and easy way to gain a following, is purchasing a feature on large Youtube Channels that can have up to millions of subscribers and viewers. While there are plenty of big channels, those do require a big sum of money, and you can end up dishing out 200-500 dollars to be able to get your music video published onto their channel. This isn't even considering AMV's and the cost of having a channel's editor put together an AMV for you.

Something that you could think about doing is investing in multiple middles of the road channels that have an average view count (not sub count) of around 100k-300k and cost around $50-200 depending on who runs the channel, if they like your music, and if you have any personal connections with the channel owners. All of these things are factors that can feed into what it costs.

Before you go dropping a few hundred on a feature, you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and what the channel is about. One of the biggest things you have to do as the consumer is to investigate what you are purchasing. Just because they have a large subscriber count does not mean that they have an active community. As well as just because your song is published to a channel with an active 500k subscribers, does not mean you will get all 500k people to look at the song that you have published on that channel. That is where algorithms come into play. Likes and dislikes on the song can make or break if the music video will be plugged into people's suggested videos or their home feed. That's why being able to have your video in multiple places, rather than placing all your funds into one hat is a smarter idea.

The same thing goes for the community surrounding a channel, you wouldn't go to a pop music channel and have your rap influenced by Swedish Death Metal published there, people wouldn't like it and it would only give you negative exposure. Looking at what that channel is about, their message, the music they publish, and who looks at the videos are the important things to take into consideration.

I personally have seen songs that get published onto a smaller feature channel on YouTube, but because the algorithms worked well for that artist, and people liked the video so it recommended to more and more people, that decently priced feature onto that channel got him much more than what they thought they were going to get.

Getting your music featured onto these YouTube channels is a great way to grow your audience. These channels are commonly used by other editors, people searching for new music, and content creators to search for new sounds to work with. If people dig your music, they will find it and download it after they see it on that YouTube channel. Surprisingly, I've found it's a big thing in the gaming community for making gaming compilations. People are always wanting to get new songs people haven't heard of before so that their content is new and fresh, being able to put your music up onto the table that people are constantly searching for new music to utilize and spread to a larger audience. So that would mean more videos with your music in it, which in turn exposes it to an even larger audience. This process repeats itself over and over if people continue to enjoy your music, creating a hit song. And before you know it, your view count can hit hundreds of thousands to millions in a few days or weeks.

So, to further investigate this topic to bring you guys the best information possible, I will get in touch with a few artists I know on social media, ask them a few questions about purchasing promo, how it helped them, and the process of it all. But that will come later, and when it is completed I will link it below this post so you can click over to it super easy.

If you guys have any feedback or questions be sure to email me, comment below on the post, send me a message on social media, whatever fits your fancy. I love talking to you guys.


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