Here's 25 Ways You Can Support Your Favorite Musicians During The COVID-19 Pandmeic

So say you were really excited to go out to a show for a band or artist you've been digging recently, and with this explosion of COVID-19, the show was canceled, postponed, etc. Well, now your musician(s) that you like quite a bit are trying to figure out how they're going to make ends meet because one of the biggest sources of income (playing shows) was canceled, postponed, whatever happened to it, their not playing shows anymore.

You still want to support them, but how? Heres a quick little list to help me with my writer's block.

  1. BUY MERCH. 
  2. Play their music, duh.
  3. Support them on Social Media if you aren't already, share posts, comment, and engage!
  4. If this band/musician is doing live streams of performances of them alone in a room jamming out so that you can jam out with them, go hang out. Even if their WiFi is trash and it looks like a bunch of gargled pixels. 
  6. Write them a letter, give it to your pigeon carrier to send to them to let them know you are still a devoted fan, or you could just send them a message on Facebook or Instagram, whatever one is easiest for you.
  7. Mail them a single square of toilet paper.
  8. Send them gift cards with 30 cents left on them so they can go to all the restaurants that are now closed.
  10. Send them little baggies of hand sanitizer so they can sell them in dark alleys as their new occupation.
  11. Challenge them to write a song about one specific thing, and make that one specific thing really weird.
  12. This one's really funny, ahahahaha. You could even suggest they submit themselves to Heavy Vibe like it's a music website or something. Never would've thought that.
  13. You could share their music with your friends, if they have good music tastes, of course.
  14. Record yourself taking a fat dip of Jack Link's Original Jerky Chew, recording it, and then sending it to one of the members of the band when you accidentally inhale the jerky chew and start simultaneously crying and coughing up the flecks of jerky chew you inhaled at your office desk. So that you can entertain them, obviously.
  15. BUY MERCH.
  16. Record your own music video to one of their songs in the confines of your quarantine area. 
  17. Record your own solo cover of one of their songs, and publishing it, everywhere.
  18. Record your own drum cover using only kitchen utilities.
  19. You could like, give them money. 
  20. BUY MERCH.
  21. If you have a good speaker system in your home, you could make your neighbors enjoy your playlist, you also wouldn't have to hear any news as well.
  22. Randomly going onto Facebook live streams where people play the music that is linked to them, and plugging your favorite song of your favorite musician(s).
  23. You could do the same thing with the little baggies of hand sanitizer, but with single squares of toilet paper.
  24. When Amazon starts working again, you could buy them stuff off of their wish list.
  25. Wow, you could even recommend them to check out Heavy Vibe.


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