Dev Gajan's "Blasphemy" EP is the Pop-Punk Emo Trap You've Been Missing.

Ok, so I don't know why it reminds me of a really chill Get Scared had a baby with Peep but those are the vibes I get and if Dev Gajan makes anything similar to this and just starts belting out some screams at random points I will be completely in love. This is definitely some underrated and underplayed stuff so I do recommend that you go check it out, personally, my favorite is Scared 2 Die or the title track Blasphemy, if you wanted to know. Which I'm sure you didn't.

I talked to Dev and asked him a bit about this EP, and he gave me a bunch of insight about creating this EP. So I hope you enjoy!

"I put about seven or eight months into blasphemy. It all started when I did a show in North Carolina with a metalcore band that I look up to and they offered to back my set which at the time was totally new to me. After that, I could never go back and it just didn’t feel right making music and performing without live instruments. I needed a project with that energy.

Specifically for this project pop-punk played a huge role especially blink-182, sum 41 and even some Jay Reatard and Hollywood Undead inspired me a lot. Truth be told, not too long ago, while I was writing the EP I took an acid trip and played Blink 182s entire discography during my trip because I couldn’t comprehend a more peaceful mind space at the time.

The biggest contributor to this project would have to be Axl Sin. He’s a living definition of a one-man-band. He played 90% of the instruments mix and master the project. I met him because I was lucky enough to have performed my first real show opening for him on the sacrifice tour through the Midwest.

Also Koraki, he takes my shows from a rap concert to a punk show. he’s still in high school and we had to convince his parents to let him come to Brooklyn with me to play but I’m glad I got someone as talented as him to perform all my shows with.

The biggest thing that I stand for is that I don’t believe in genre exclusion. Good music is good music. I want my new fans to get pissed off when they find a song of mine they like and hit shuffle and my next track is a whole other genre.  us rappers are the new rockstars. Rap is the new punk and we’re here to make the same bad decisions those hair bands made in the 80s. Just with a little more drip."


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