LIL DUSTY G, the underground emo rapper really began to break out in his career during 2017 and 2018 with the songs "Waste Your Time", "Ghost Rider", and "Burn (feat. Ronen)". All of these songs got hundreds of thousands of views, and they weren't the only songs that were breaking out during the time, but it's some of the better-known songs. He was brought up a lot more on social media because of the drama of him stealing lyrics from Lil Peep and OmenXII. Which is a whole other topic so I don't want to get into that right now.

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When I was researching information about LIL DUSTY G, I found a bunch of articles from online magazines, but when I tried to pull up the links their posts were taken down, or the websites were completely dead so that led to some big dead ends. As well as looking on Reddit as my usual go-to, it was only filled with the drama with the lyric copying.

LIL DUSTY G Is based out of Dallas, TX according to a taken down article by The LAX Report. This is a blurb from the article that no longer exists:

"Back to the pages of LVTR with his latest release is up and coming Dallas wave maker Dustin Muriel aka Lil Dusty G. The singer ended 2017 extremely strong with his release, Waste ur Time and is back with a new single titled Leave. At such a young age, Muriel’s work ethic easily compares to that of his older peers and it is only a matter of time until the Dallas native has made a name for himself across the country."

After finding out LIL DUSTY G's name, I don't know if this is his real name of just a screen name he used behind the artist title LIL DUSTY G, because it happens, people do it. I found a bunch of articles from 2017 by Elevator Mag.

"After catching our attention with his November release of Make Me Bleed , Dallas’ own Dustin Muriel aka Lil Dusty G is back with WASTE UR TIME. Playing off his strength of writing heart pulling hooks and leaving sample based beats in the ground, Muriel’s latest release is not one to miss.

The 17 year old’s music is on what could be considered an emerging wave out of Dallas, TX following Post Malone‘s musical impact on the Texas scene. Muriel’s melancholy melodies dance effortlessly over weeping guitars, creating a surreal sound that is catching the cities attention."

Now if you go onto these articles, the SoundCloud embeds are broken and the songs no longer exist, and I'm pretty sure that's from the mass delete LIL DUSTY G did.

I also found a Pin on Pinterest that included a link to 1888 Press Release. So here is that press release below:
"(1888PressRelease) April 29, 2017 - Hip Hop artists offer wonderful tunes to all the individuals across the globe. Hip hop is gaining high on swagger and synths and has evolved a lot since nineties. It is completely no surprise that hip hop is dominating most of the music areas and soundcloud isn't any exception to it. This music-sharing website has many artists like Dustin Muriel who offers completely new and attention-grabbing songs to all his fans across the globe. His latest track - "Actavis" has already gained momentum in terms of followers and plays. It is completely amazing that his latest song is appealing to fans everywhere.

Dustin has return with his latest track - "Actavis", which is basically a sweet but energetic hip hop track. It has loads of ups and downs and one can enjoy this music with amazing tunes and beats. If you would like to lsiten some out-of-the-world track, then "Actavis" is your go-to track. It is high on instant music and beats that cater to most of the audiences worldwide. If you're making an attempt to listen to some extraordinary track, then hear "Actavis" by Daniel Muriel. The fans are appreciative of this unimaginable song "Actavis" and all other tracks.

The song encompasses a winding music that fuses many instruments along to form the required tone. So, if you would like to fancy tunes that may stick with after the particular song gets over, then hear "Actavis" produced by Ronen. This Dalls, Tx artist is gathering quality with soothing tracks. Dustin focuses on making his song unimaginable by adding required tunes and music. He offers justice to the song - "Actavis" with ambience and beats. If you're a hip hop fan and wish to listen to some mind-blowing tracks, head over to Dustin's profile on soundcloud and hear "Actavis". Also, connect with Dustin on Instagram and Twitter.

To listen the music, Please click the following link:

That Pin on Pinterest led me to find a Scoop.it Music Promotion thread- it really isn't a thread it is just a collection of this guy named Ethan Noah's posts about Dustin Muriel//LIL DUSTY G promoting his music back in 2017. Like ""ACTAVIS" is a Soothing RnB Music Track" and basically really similar posts about the same song "ACTAVIS" that doesn't exist anymore.

But yea, at this point all of the new things I find are just leading back to links I already found. If I find anything new I'll add it onto this original post with some edits. 

So basically what I found out was that LIL DUSTY G's name is Dustin Muriel, he is based out of Dallas, TX. and he is (I think) 20 years old now, but that's depending on when his birthday is in the year.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed. I know You guys always love it when I find out this stuff about random artists. 


  1. His birthday is December 23rd, 1999. He was a rather promising hockey player in highschool, but he decided to pursue his dream of making music.


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