Producer Drip, Royalty-Free Sounds & Clothing Brand.

 "Our mission at Producer Drip is to provide music producers with trendy clothing designed with the creator in mind. We offer stylish streetwear combined with high-quality sounds providing all you need to create your next big hit. Producer Drip is dedicated to honoring the growing community through fashion and fresh new sounds."

I recently found Producer Drip on Instagram and decided to reach out. This is a sponsored post, so let's get that all out of the way. I got sent this bad boy, the Creator Dad Hat, you can buy if for $25 USD, currently on sale from $30. They offer a lot of cool Loop Kits, and all of their sounds are Royalty-Free. So to all of my producer friends who are looking to get some new sounds and not have to worry about royalties, as well as finding some great merch, I'd check them out.

Link to Creator Dad Hat: Creator Dad Hat Link

Link to Creator Dad Hat: Creator Dad Hat LinkCreator Dad hat


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