Interview With Geo Sunsetmoth On His 2020 Music Plans, Including New Album Cover Reveal.

Welcome to the first interview of the year that is being published! It's pretty enjoyable being able to have contact with an artist that is right around your age. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it, and here is the new album art you were promised!

What methods will you go about for promoting this album?

     I wanna have my fans reviewing the album on websites like RYM or After that, I plan on sending it to multiple small music critic content creators on YouTube— I wanna focus on having a “cult” album. I eventually plan to reach Pad Chennington or Anthony Fantano.

Do you think graduating from school and moving out of the High School setting will change anything about your music?

      I’m not sure, to be honest. While I will have more time to work on projects, I feel like the high school environment influences a lot of my music. Like it or not, I will be a different person once I leave school; and if I reflect myself on my music then it is bound to change.

What artists are you planning on collaborating with?

      Firstly I plan on working with close friends I have in the industry— Edacity, Audrey/90’s Bambino, DHION, Dev Gajan, etc. Now, if we’re talking about artists I admire and would love to work with, then I gotta say Wondha Mountain, Draingang, Lilbootycall. Even some like JPEGMAFIA or Vektroid. I also love to collaborate with artists from other genres, I’d be stoked to work with people who make Techno, Folk, Pagode, Metal,  anything. Lastly, one of my main career goals is to have one song with Ecco2K, ZillaKami and VI Seconds together.

Do you have any new influences compared to when you first started?

          Oh, of course. Back when I started I used to only take influences from my favorite artists— at the time it would be Yung Lean and Titanic Sinclair (ew)—, but I’ve started to take influences from my least favorite artists too. It’s good to do something similar to what you love, but it feels even better to succeed where others have failed. My music taste also changed quite a lot, and now I have a lot more experimental influences like 100Gecs.

How do you feel now that you are in 2020, how would you explain your growth from where you first started out?

          Oh man, it was a while ride. I started back in 2016 making awful music. Really, really bad. I was only 14 and I didn’t know music theory, nor did I know how to use a DAW. It was truly terrible. But a lot of friends (especially EricFøda and the folks over at Face of Banjo) pushed me further and helped me become who I am now. I got a new stage name, refined my production technique and my rapping abilities and got better equipment. On NeoMarine Drive, I’m trying to improve the ability to make a more concise, connected album— I don’t want it to sound like the same song multiple times but I also don’t want it to be a collection of songs with no “glue” holding them together. That’s my current goal for improvement.

For records that you can look back on, state how many followers you had on different platforms and how many streams you got in 2019 on your music platform of choice.

                That’s a weird one for me. Back on my old alias, I was severely bullied on my school and in other internet circles for its absolute lack of quality. One of my songs reached 1000 views in one day, with mostly negative comments. That was December 2017 and it was when I decided to change for the better. I took a break off music and studied production, songwriting and influences for a while. Now, under Geo Sunsetmoth, I had very slow growth, but with overwhelmingly positive comments. My song “Magic” is about to hit 1000 streams and I believe that NeoMarine Drive will easily surpass that.

How do you think your schedule will be in 2020 compared to 2019? Major changes or will it stay basically the same?

               I’m not sure. I’ll promise to make more music with better quality, but who knows! Unsigned artists live at their own pace.

If you could set a goal that you would achieve by the end of the year, what would it be and why would it be that? And what will you be doing to work towards that goal?

              It would certainly be acquiring a cult following for NeoMarine Drive. I’ll make sure to share it on Internet forums and music discussing circles, I want to make something that will last. I also plan on getting a bigger name for myself by enlarging my fanbase. :)

Do you have anything to say to your fans?

            My biggest fans are the artists, man. I make this for all of you. Even if you’re not an artist yet, I make music to awaken one in you. I make music to carry you on, I make music for you to feel and believe you can make art too. I believe in each and every one of you. Geo’s there for you and be sure to DM me in any social network; I’ll be there to help you find this artist. Can I send a message to my haters too? Fuck it, I will. I just wanna say that in the years to come it will feel so bad to be one of the ones who hated me early on. Anyway, back to the fans, I love you dumbasses 💕🍜🦢


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