"I hope to make take my music to a national level" Exclusive Interview with Jo$ebaby On His Music Plans For 2020.

As I can tell a lot of locals are gonna be hopping on this so to all you new people, welcome, and to all, you returning readers, welcome back. Happy that after I made that post about me being irrelevant I landed this awesome interview with a Humboldt local. Jo$ebaby just released a new track called "Realer", it's available on all platforms and you can check it out now by CLICKING THIS. 

If you guys want to see more of Jo$ebaby on Heavy Vibe, or more members of the Money Rose La Familia be sure to let me know on this socials.
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Can you tell me a bit about your music plans for 2020 and what it has in store for you?

For 2020, I hope to make take my music to a national level and hopefully even reach international fans if everything works out. This year, We’re going to be releasing more music and content more consistently which will hopefully help us reach our goal.”
What steps will you be taking to get your music to the national level?

This year. We're going to be working with various influencers and promoters throughout California to further promote my music and once we've created a solid fanbase here, we're going to continue expanding to other states. We've recently started working with some producers and studios out in Sacramento, and hope that the improvement of quality in the mixing and mastering in our music will help improve our followers and streams. I've really only been rapping and taking it seriously for less than a year now, so I know that if I continue to be consistent and improve my work with each song I make, there are people out there that will enjoy it.

You released a song today, can you tell me a bit about the inspirations and influences you had in creating it?

Yea, so basically this song is about me showing my motivation to succeed and that no matter what people think of me or my music, I'm gonna continue making music and I'm gonna keep moving forward with my career. I've managed to gain a loyal fan base locally without much help, just through small Instagram and Facebook promotions, so I know that I have the potential to blow up in bigger cities and other states. Like I said previously, this year we're gonna work with more Promoters in other areas to further expand my fan base.

You are a local from Humboldt like myself, do you think that being in this area is an advantage? Do you think that it is a disadvantage? And explain why you think that.

I think that being from Humboldt can be both a disadvantage and an advantage at the same time because obviously there isn't a huge music scene out here, but I think that in the long run, that'll help us because it's easier to stand out from the limited competition around here. However, it can be kind of hard trying to set up local promotions and shows in Humboldt because of the lack of promoters and venues that book rap shows and that support rap music in general.

Are there any collabs or things to be looking out for in the future?

Yes, I have a 2 new tracks and a music video coming out in the next month or so, and our other Money Rose artists VinnyBandz and Ninja Tha Don have tracks releasing this month as well. I've also been working with some Bay Area artists and hope to have those tracks out in the near future as well.

Up-coming shows anywhere?

If all goes as planned, we should hopefully have a show set up here in Humboldt in the near future, as well as a few opening slots for some artists down south, but once everything is confirmed it'll be posted on our social media.

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