Review of Kildare by Gods of Hate from Las Vegas, Nevada.

WHOA. I haven't seen one of these in a while- have you guys? Anyways, I have something exciting to introduce to you all. This band called Gods of Hate from Las Vegas, Nevada. I got in contact with Preston Gaff who explained it as a  "modern deathcore band with a more old-school mid-2000's myspace days kinda feel." Which helped me out a bit, because I was in Diapers during the Myspace days.  Anyways, this Deathcore/death metal from Las Vegas, NV includes some influences such as Thy Art Is Murder, Whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder, Through The Eyes Of The Dead, Make Them Suffer and Aegaeon.

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I'm always upfront about how I am not a fan of the more intense sides of metal. But I came home from school today and sat down with my Dad and we discussed this song, and I was actually pleasantly surprised. This song carries a proper level of intensity that can knock someone back in their seats. And I am sure it delivers an amazing performance live, do to the amount of energy that the vocals belch out.

Another big thing that is always important to look out, that my dad pointed out- compared to a lot of other Deathcore bands, the song doesn't follow the same trend that makes a lot of people turn off to the genre; doing too much all at once congealing everything into a jello-like substance of noise. This song maintained a great groove throughout it, and while listening to it, the bass and Drums weren't fighting against each other like I have seen before in bands, they were working together in harmonious sync.

To branch off of that, this song did have a good level of vocal differentiation, the vocals didn't sound the same all the way through, which is another very strong aspect of the song.

But through and through, this is a really solid track that I could see being mega-popular- my favorite part of the track was the constant groove it kept to it, and it made it really enjoyable to listen too. I'd even go out to suggest this would be a great introductory track to a friend if you wanted to introduce them to a Deathcore cross with Death Metal.

If you want to check out Gods of Hate on social media, here are their socials:



And most importantly, this track:

I know I mention this every review I do, so I'll mention it again and hope someone sympathizes with me- my ankles and wrists hurt listening to the drums on the track, this due is speed bagging these poor percussions. (Ha, I think I made a funny.)


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