Juice WRLD Allegedly Swallowed All His Percs To Avoid Being Caught By Feds.

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With the recent blow up in the media from Juice WRLD suddenly and tragically dying, people began to wonder what exactly happened. While the rapper was given two doses of the Narcan, a name brand Naxolone used against opioid overdoses, it still did not prevent Higgins from dying later at the Hospital. Higgins' girlfriend did tell the Police that he had taken Percocet and did have a drug problem.

The Cook County Medical Examiner has not determined the cause of death. And are currently waiting on the results for cardiac pathology, neuropathology, histology and toxicology tests to confirm the COD.

During the time of the plane's landing and Higgins being treated by paramedics. The police searched the luggage of the plane, which revealed 41 bags of marijuana, two 9mm pistols, a .40-caliber pistol, a high capacity magazine, and metal piercing bullets. Two of Higgins' security guards (Christopher Long and Henry Dean) were charged with illegal possession, but have denied ownership of the handguns, which is alleged to be reported by the Pilot of the private jet.

But back to the topic, I made this post for, according to TMZ, federal agents swarmed the rapper's private jet on November 18 at LAX to conduct a search. all happening before the crew was boarded to fly to Sydney, Australia. It hasn't been revealed what was found in the search, but it is known that drug-sniffing dogs were present on the scene. The plane was later given the go-ahead to head for Australia.

After the Pilot had sent the alert to authorities that there were guns being carried on the plane, the FBI and FAA were waiting for the plane to land to meet the entourage of people in the Chicago Airport. Juice's attempt to hide the Percocets that he had with him on the plane was to pop all of the pills before the plane landed so that they wouldn't be found in a search. Which if you didn't know, is around a 500,000k fine and more than 10 years for forging a Percocet prescription. So, to avoid jail time (at least that is what is being speculated currently) Juice WRLD popped the Percs that he had with him, but it is currently unknown if that is what was a key contributor to his seizure and death at the Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois.


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