30 Days Of Features- ZEALOTROUS, a 4-Piece Political Punk Band from Durham, NC.


Where is your band based out of? How many people are a part of the project and when were you formed?

  ZEALOTROUS is a 4-piece political punk rock band from Durham, NC.  Founding songwriter ZERØ [vocals/guitar] wrote the first batch of songs in early 2018 and sat on that material for many months, eventually recruiting bandmates and completing the lineup in March 2019.

Do you have any new releases/albums/music? What is it called, and how would you describe it?

 “ZEALOTROUS” arrived on December 6th on all platforms!  Our self-titled debut EP consists of five songs that showcase the full stylistic range of our sound:  from catchy melodic choruses to protest chants; and from screaming rage to clever lyrical rants.  We’re very proud of the EP and think of it as just a taste of what’s to come from ZEALOTROUS!

How would you explain what your music sounds like, and what would you compare it to sounding like so people could get a better idea of how your music sounds?

Righteously rageful political punk rock with thoughtfully crafted lyrical messaging. Sounds like:  Anti-Flag, Dead Kennedys, Propagandhi, Green Day. Other influences:  Rise Against, Rancid, Fever 333, The Muslims, Sibannac, ‘00s Rock Against Bush comps

Genres / Subgenres:  punk, punk rock, political punk, pop-punk, post-hardcore

Are there any goals you have reached for the end of the year that you created at the beginning? And do you have any goals for next year, 2020?

At the dawn of 2019, the lineup was only half complete; it was too early to set real goals beyond finding our lead guitarist and drummer.  Now it’s mid-December and we’re thrilled with everything we’ve accomplished! We finalized our lineup in March, played our first show in June, and now we’re about to play our sixth [and final] show of 2019 this Saturday the 21st. We’ve established great relationships with a number of bands, venues, and media outlets in our area, which we will continue to build on in the new year.  Our biggest accomplishment has surely been recording and releasing our debut EP – accompanied by an absolutely EPIC release show where we were so honored and grateful to play alongside some of our favorite bands!

Do you have anything you would like to tell the public?

We’ll be playing lots more shows in 2020 and recording more music to release as soon as we can!  Please give our EP a listen [choose your platform @ http://fanlink.to/zealotrous], and follow us on Spotify and social media for updates on all things ZEALOTROUS!

Press Release:

CHAPEL HILL, NC – On Sunday December 8th, up-and-coming punk band ZEALOTROUS will celebrate the
release of their debut EP alongside the bands that influenced and inspired the project from the very beginning.
A debut release can rarely be classified as “long-awaited,” but for founding songwriter and singer/guitarist Zero,
the upcoming self-titled EP from ZEALOTROUS is exactly that. “After the 2016 election I anticipated a
resurgence of angry-yet-catchy political punk anthems like the ones I loved from the 90s-00s. Local bands like
SiBANNÄC and then-newcomers The Muslims released killer albums in that first year, but the stuff from the
established national acts felt kind of watered down and left something to be desired.”

In the first days of 2018, Zero began writing the music he’d grown tired of
waiting for: “The songs came easy because I’d found an outlet for my
bottled-up rage at injustice; those few months were the most prolific
songwriting period of my life.”
This year has seen ZEALOTROUS transform from a secret solo project to
a four-piece band with several shows under their belt and a five-song EP
whose production was paid for exclusively in beer. “We’ve been extremely
lucky to have musician friends who care about us and our art, and we’re
eternally grateful to them for their time, passion, talents, and patience!”
Next Sunday’s show is sure to be an exciting one, especially for Zero:
“We were already thrilled to finally release our music into the world, but
then we went and got the first three bands on our wish list to join the release show! It’s incredibly special
sharing the stage with bands whose work convinced me that angry political punk music was something that
could and should be made in these infuriating times. And the opening act, Snake Shaming, are talented and fun
and played on our very first show at Local 506 back in June. It feels like we’re celebrating beginnings of all
kinds with this show: the release of the EP of course, but also the people and music that brought us to where we
are today.”

Fanlink: listen on ANY platform!


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