30 Days of Features- Out Of The Void, a Canadian Heavy Metal band.

Out Of The Void is a Canadian Heavy Metal band formed by Gord Dillon and Joe Babcock. The band's discography currently consists of two albums “The Earth Screams - 2018” and “Evil Unleashed - 2019”, with a soon to be released third album set for the spring of 2020. You can expect a teaser of the cover art sometime in the month of December along with the new album title.

Out Of The Void have been described as a cross between Sabbath meets Maiden meets Megadeth- which isn’t surprising considering their roots. These bands are notably a big influence in the music along with many other bands of the time period including Priest, Dio, Metallica, etc. Some of the genres used to describe the music are Doom, Power, Thrash or NWOTHM. The concept for the band started back in 1985 with four of the eight songs on their debut being written between the years 1985-1989. Back in those days, the band was only a concept under the name “Titan”. Recording the songs was too expensive and as an unsigned indie concept with only one member and no live performances, the band remained a concept. However, the writing continued throughout the ’90s but when other bands took on the name “Titan” it was time for a change and soon “Tip Of The Spear” or TOS was the new band name. This was named after a song that has yet to be performed and was written about the US Marines.

In 2002, another name change came about as the main songwriter Gord was penning a song called “Out of the Void” and thought the title would make a good band name. So in 2017 after a three-year friendship between Gord and Joe they decided to record some of the music under the name Out Of The Void to see where it would lead. In 2019, they patented the name through the USPTO which took almost 2 years of legal work and released their 2nd album which turned out to be a big key to the patent process. The 2nd album also features three songs from the late 80’s writing session. When Out Of The Void came to life in 2017 their song catalog already consisted of 40 songs. To date, they have published 16 songs with 8 from the back catalog and 8 written between 2017-2018 so there is still lots to come. The band was excited to be featured in Metal Hammer Portugal this fall with their latest release “Merciless Trench”. You can check out the interview and video here https://metalhammer.pt/out-of-the-void-o-fim-da-inocencia/

The new album will push the band further with another 4 songs from the back catalog and 4 written in 2019. They are very excited about this release as they have learned a lot about the recording process and are always looking to improve and push the limits. If you are looking for a pop song about love or your girlfriend this is not for you. In our own metal counter-culture Out of the Void is exploring real topics and hope you can enjoy the ride.

We are excited to announce the arrival of, Evil Unleashed, our new full-length studio album which was released Monday, May 20, 2019, by Screaming Earth Studios. This album contains 8 new tracks with a total running time of just over 41 minutes. We hope you enjoy our own unique brand of Canadian Heavy Metal.

This is our second full-length album and we all feel it was a year of great learning for us. Jake Michael Nicholson was back again to create some killer art for us which really brings everything to life. There was a bit more collaboration on this album and we want to thanks everyone who supported us. As for genre, who knows, it’s a bit of a mix but our influences are, 70’s “Prog Rock”, early 80’s “NWOBHM” and early “Bay Area Thrash”. Let's create a new genre called NWOTCHM, New Wave of Traditional Canadian Heavy Metal….maybe we can start a trend!

Each song on the album tells a different story spanning ideas like…. cult psyche, fantasy, political, warfare, faith and mortality, gun violence, good vs evil, drugs, raw emotion and technology addiction. If you are looking for a pop song about love or your girlfriend this is not for you. In our own metal counter-culture, we are exploring real topics we hope you enjoy.

Oh, and yes, we are in studio working on a new release. Check us out on Facebook for upcoming release materials like cover art and title, as well as songs list.

Do you have anything you would like to tell the public?

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us so far. From those who bought our vinyl to those who liked us on Facebook and even our biggest critics. Hey, we understand our brand is not for everyone but we love what we are doing and being a part of this big heavy metal melting pot and there is enough room for everyone. It’s opportunities like this that help us spread the word and for that, we are truly grateful. Peace metal brothers and sisters, come and join us online! Cheers and have a happy holiday season however you celebrate it, or not!

•Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Outofthevoidband/

•Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaE3BNJg6zXUWnzUzrgjI9w

•Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1euMWv9jimgw7dxtnxZxq6

•Web: http://outofthevoid.ca

•Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/out-of-the-void/1438323992

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