30 Days of Features- Feature of "Better Off Dead" By sTaRaTs Prod. by Yelept & Interview

Interview with Yelept on the creation/production of "Better Off Dead"

Let’s start with you explaining your role in the release, and how long it’s been in the making.

It all started out when I and sTaRaTs started on our metal project MMXX a little over a year ago. We formed a band called Livevil with his girlfriend doing backup vocals and we really wanted a kind of nu-metal sound but with some trap fusion in it and really heavy bass. I ended up producing probably over 20 tracks for the album but one of them ended up sounding really different and weird, not metal at all. Softer and sadder vibes with almost a "pop-punk" sound to it, I honestly didn't really like it at first but when I sent it to sTaRaTs he loved it so he started writing to it and came up with the title "Better off Dead" eventually it really grew on me. I think we worked on that one for about a year before releasing it.

What were some of the inspirations that you drew from when creating/producing what would become “Better off Dead?”

I remember listening to a lot of the old classic nu-metal albums from KoRn, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Linkin Park and I think even Coal Chamber because the whole idea of the album was to be the next big and great album in that genre since it's kind of declined over the last decade to a degree. Although in my spare time away from recording I was listening to a ton of Incubus which I think is where the softer melodic side of the track came from and made it really different from the other tracks on the album that have the heavy, fast aggressive sound. sTaRaTs were also listening to some really melodic music sometimes too and had asked me to make a track with more melody in it but I think he was expecting something heavier than what I ended up making. I think my emotions at the time had a big deal in what ended up becoming the final product as well, I was dealing with a lot of depression so ultimately it just bled out of me in a way that ended up creating a very different sound. I love it because I've never made anything like it, also can't think of artists or bands that are in comparison either.

Did you butt heads at all in the creation of this song? Were there any changes/compromises made from the original ideas?

It was super easy going and likely the most smoothe project we worked on I'd say. it took me a while to make the instrumental so maybe we butted a little on the time frame but from what I can remember I just sent him the track, told him to run wild with it and he sent me the lyrics about a week later. From there on I was content with the idea he was putting into it so we never really changed or strayed from the idea of the song.

How long in total was this song worked on?

Definitely, over a year, I'd say probably about a year and 3 months or so. The longest time we took making a song but I think it was worth it, it was one of the first songs we started on when we created Livevil. It became more of a side project since it didn't fit the overall vibe of the album we were working on I think.

Do you have anything special planned for 2020 that the public should know about?

We have a Dejected Tour coming in the spring/summer of 2020, we will be performing Better off Dead and other songs from the Livevil album! We might actually release the album sometime in the following months as well. I really think it will be a successful one so look out for it!


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