30 Days of Features- Extinguish The Sun, Metal from Dixon, Illinois

Extinguish the Sun formed in the Fall of 2015, emerging out of members of three fairly disparate local acts, chapter seven, Trippin Molly, and Panic Stations.

After releasing their first full-length, Antihero, the band played numerous shows. In the wake of releasing this record, EtS have played in and around the Dixon–Sterling–Rock Falls area with various diverse acts. Beyond playing shows in their immediate area, EtS recorded a session with Carl Nelson in DeKalb for WNIJ’s local music showcase, Sessions from Studio A. The band has also worked to extend their reach to other Midwest cities and bring their music before broader and more diverse audiences.

Around 1 ½ years after the release of Antihero, in January of 2019, they entered Straightaway Productions with local engineer Drew Widolff to record their EP, Oceans, slated to be released later in 2019. Comprised of six tracks of completely new material, this EP shows the band in their true form, experimenting, evolving, and honing their sound, but always remaining true to their initial intent of intensity, melody, and originality.

As 2019 unfolds, guitarists Nick Grobe and Jeremy Toms, bassist Daniel Edmunds, singer Jeremy Miller, and drummer Michael Morley have continued rehearsing and writing songs. With a broad range of influences and musical tastes, EtS work to continue writing compelling songs and releasing them, getting out and performing live as much as possible.

EtS continue booking shows and laying out their schedule for the coming year. You can surely expect to see them in a basement | garage | punk hovel near you soon.

Where is your band based out of? How many people are apart of the project (if a solo artist please just reply solo along with your artist name) and when were you formed?

We are based out of Dixon, IL and formed in the Fall of 2015. We have five members - Jeremy Miller (vocals), Daniel Edmunds (Bass), Jeremy Toms (guitar), Michael Morley (guitar), Nick Grobe (guitar).

Do you have any new releases/albums/music? What is it called, and how would you describe it?
Yes, we recently released our second recording on October 25th of 2019. Its a 6 song EP titled "Oceans".It's a very "vibey", record with a lot going on that we think people can get into. Each song really has a lot of layers, and brings its own separate energy to the mix, from the opening song "Like Sex (based lyrically on the movie 'Her") which is pretty stripped down and sludgy, to the more straight-ahead, driving songs like "Cake Sniffer" and "Identity Crisis", and then to songs like "In Oceans Deep" and "Witch Hazel" which really showcase a lot of our current influences and range.

Do you have anything you would like to tell the public? 

Just that if you are interested in what you see here and dig the music, please tell your friends, stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, etc, or pick it up at our Bandcamp link. It's much appreciated!



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