How to make an EPK, the all encompassing cheat sheet.

Since a lot of you guys really liked the last article I wrote explaining what an EPK was and how it was useful, some of you guys even asked me to help you make them. SO rather than spending a bunch of time individually helping one person at a time make their EPK's I decided I could write this article and help out a lot more people all at once!

Now, if you want to go check out the what an EPK article is, just because you've stumbled upon this one in your travels, be sure to check it out here:

Now let's get this first part clear. I am not selling you anything. This is just going to be my best attempt at compiling all of the information you need into one place so it is an all-encompassing article! If you ever have any questions or want to work with Heavy Vibe, be sure to email me at

An EPK is what you use to make a good first impression when applying/submitting yourself to blogs, and other fun stuff like that. By making an EPK, you create a compacted version of what you are as a band or artist.

Now into the meaty stuff.

You can create either a website or a PDF for your EPK. Each one has its pros and cons, and one of the most popular ones I see is a Dropbox folder sent in a link via email with the PDF EPK and a bunch of music samples added to that. Which I think is one of the easiest and friendliest for a media person to be digging into if they're looking at your content. Either way, whatever you choose, all of this info below will apply to whatever embodiment of an EPK you choose to select.

Here's a note from the author:
If your band is dealing with sensitive content, such as music that hasn't been released yet, I would definitely lean toward the PDF & Dropbox files EPK rather than a quick and dirty website. It's a lot less likely your new release is going to be leaked by not plastering a link everywhere that goes to this time-sensitive content. Sure, there are the websites you can pay to give these media people a case-sensitive login and password so you can "know" nothing is getting leaked, but whenever I see those I just delete the message because it's an annoying hassle. And I don't like annoying hassles.

An EPK is the boiled down concentrate of your band, so keep this in mind. Only put in the most important information and the music you are most confident in. Don't be the musician to send an EPK with 30 songs attached. It's not an attractive feature to your EPK.

Where should I make my EPK?
If you really, really, don't have the time or energy to make your own EPK, you could invest in someone doing it for you. But the quality of it isn't always assured, and it can get pretty pricey depending on where you're looking.

Obviously, You'll Include Your Band's Name.

If you really didn't think you would, that is a whole new problem that you're going to have to go deal with on your own.

While all of it won't be jam-packed into a single PDF, these can be added to your folder, website, or block of stone you decide to carve it into. Below is going to be a big list of all of the stuff that someone could find useful in your Press Kit. It's really up to you to decide what you do and don't add, but all of these

Band Pictures- 

These are pictures NOT in a show, clearly showing all members of the band. Pictures from your Cell Phone don't count, you need high resolution, so go out and find someone with a nice camera. There's a lot of them, they were at Costco so 1/7 people have a Cannon or a camera of a similar brand. 

Album Art- 

Contacting people when you're coming around the corner to a new release, obviously, you're going to want to include the Album Art to it. It's all about bringing up the hype to the release, and what better way to do that than to have your awesome Album Art?

Your Bio- 

Your bio is the answer to the big question the people who will be reading your EPK will have, "Who Are You?" I always think it is a good idea to add some kind of personal touch to a Bio, like a story of an event that people will find a good representation/reflection of who/what your band (or you as a singular artist) represents.

Music Videos-

 Now if you don't have any music videos, you can obviously skip this step. This would just be an additional thing you could add into your EPK to spice it all up a bit.

Live Performance Video-

 Applying to the idea that you or your band are complete rock stars when you're on set performing? Include some videos of a live show to back yourself up. Well, obviously don't include it if it's going to make you look bad.

 Other Media Articles- 

These are such a great source, not enough people utilize them! When you get reviews or interviews, possibly even feature articles written by people and published online, you should definitely include those links! Sending your EPK to a blogger hoping you can get an interview, include that interview you did a few months ago with some other person so they know what you've talked about already.

Press Release- 

Include what you're trying to get out there! The Press Releases are a great tool for you to utilize to get more info out in a compact little newsletter that you would include in either a separate page on your website or in a PDF in your folder that you'll be sending out! They will include things like release dates, upcoming shows & the locations of the shows where you will be performing, etc. 

Social Media Links- 

Including your social media is a great way to allow whoever you're working with to get a great look at who you are. What better way to make an impression than a good look at your Instagram or Facebook Page? Include anything from your Bandcamp and Spotify to your Facebook and Twitter.

Your Contact Information- 

I can not stress this enough, INCLUDE THIS! It is really important to be able to get ahold of you in multiple different ways. Maybe if your management or promotion firm is sending out emails through a no-reply, or possibly even they just don't go through their emails because they think it isn't their problem. Band emails, I wouldn't really recommend personal emails for each person in the band, because that sounds like a recipe for a lot of lost and non responded opportunities. But even something as simple as your Instagram saying DM me is better than nothing at all. 
But anyway, this was a lot of the stuff I thought about being useful for you guys to use to help you create your EPK, feel free to comment below this blog post if you have any suggestions about what to add to it, or if you have any questions and I'll add them to this post or answer your question!

Edit as of 4/15/21

Hi everyone! This was published a while ago, but I have some new recommendations for artists to make super sweet and clean EPKs that can be sent out easily as a PNG! Personally, I don't like downloading PDFs from unknown PR companies and bands because the internet can be weird, so if a band or an artist can send their EPK in PNG form- so I can open it up straight from the email without having to download anything. (Note: there are cons from using PNG's, you can't copy & paste from them, that's why PDFs are useful).

Make an account and check out Canva! They have free accounts and you can do lots of different edits that can benefit you from logos, album covers, to things like your YouTube banner to Facebook cover. 


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