Interview with Gabriel Zane, The Owner of Dejected Records.

1 Let's start out with you giving your name and socials. Plug them below.

My name is Gabriel Zane and I own Dejected Records.

2 Where are you from/Where are you based out of?

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Proud to say Dejected is one of the only record labels in the state that truly supports underground music at its finest. I've personally found there is hardly any underground music stations or magazines I mean quite nothing here and I'm out to change that.

3 Name at least one weird habit that you have that you regularly do, and has anyone ever noticed you doing it?

For some reason I tend to rub my upper lip against my nose when I'm concentrated or thinking very hard about something and yes I get teased for it pretty regularly by close ones in all good fun. They even mimic it sometimes, I have no idea when and why I'm doing it.

4 What do you think about Heavy Vibe? Or media in general, if you could say something to let all people working in media know, what would it be?

I think Heavy Vibe is great really, anyone supporting underground music most definitely has my support. It can be tough getting your name out there as a small independent business but I think Heavy Vibe is doing fantastic.

5 What do you like most about working in the music industry and what do you like least about it?

I love the feeling of absolutely completing a project and releasing it knowing people are going to enjoy it. Two things that can bother me sometimes is when a project, say a song or an album does not get completed within a somewhat timely manner that was discussed earlier on. Secondly I get annoyed at times when I'm not credited for ideas or concepts that are later used, but still, in the end, I'm grateful it's still getting out there somehow.

6 Do you have a mentor?

Yes, I do indeed, My grandfather Michael Marquardt without a doubt mentored me and taught me what a rock and roll lifestyle is all about. I mean growing up in the sixties and seventies, doing LSD and Mescaline at Sugar House Park here in Salt Lake. Buying an ounce of Marijuana for ten bucks or hanging out at the bar drinking wine with Frank Zappa and the Doobie Brothers how can it get any better than that! He had the attitude of a bull towards the Mormon religion here once tearing apart the Mormon Temple Grounds with his truck while telling them to all go "fuck themselves". Which I can't lie I think is pretty rad because we all know what a buzzkill they can be. But mostly he was my mentor because he was not afraid to let me know if whatever I was working on was total shit or not.

7 If you could meet one celebrity, who would you meet? (dead or alive)

I would have to say Norm Macdonald for two reasons. Firstly I know that the whole damn time I was meeting him I would be laughing my ass off, Secondly I love his courage I mean the man can get on stage in front of thousands of people and just absolutely kill while trolling you so bad you don't even know it. Plus he has crippling anxiety as do I yet he finds the passion to do his dream anyway.

8 What was your dream job when you were you were younger?

My first real dream job as a child for many years was to be a veterinarian or a DWR Ranger. I've always loved animals so much and always tried my best and hardest to pick up trash or even free animals tangled in fishing line, just try to help them in any way possible. That passion hasn't died yet it's still somewhat there as I have a lot of fish tanks and even a pond filled with wild species from around the state observing their behavior it interests me.

9 Name something that makes you uncomfortable, pet peeve, phobia, etc. and explain why.

The only thing coming to mind is I have extreme arachnophobia I hate the little bastards, I yell at the top of my lungs and jump in the air if one even touches me. I probably shouldn't be saying this because someone on the label might try to pull something on me involving spiders because I've never really spoken to them about it.

10 Who is the best cook in the band?

That's a tie between me and Creepa, I can make some bomb homemade sushi but Creepa is the Italian cuisine master for sure. Maybe we should have a cook-off someday and see what a chaotic mess it would be.

11 Where was or would be your favorite place to perform?

House party shows were always more fun to me because the energy and vibes were always just so present, but if I could choose anywhere to perform it would be Hellfest most likely. I love the whole scene and the area they put that stage plus so many iconic bands I love to play there.

12 Name one time you have broken the rules.

One of the funniest times is when I was in seventh grade I believe, anyway I and my old buddy Will used to sneak out into these old hardly used bathrooms in our middle school and smoke weed out of crappy homemade pipes during the time we were supposed to be in French class. one time we walked into class and I knew we were busted my teacher kept glaring at me intensely so finally she calls us both up in front of the classroom and decides to play basically French Pictionary with just the two of us while the class watches, she was purposely thinking up and giving us the hardest words possible watching us try to comprehend and draw something that looked even remotely right. We failed miserably except by some little chance of luck I got the word fishing right funnily enough anyway it was pretty embarrassing so to say also not very great when you're very high.

13 Who is your biggest musical influence?

I would have to say Rob Zombie was my first big musical influence, when I was in 2nd grade my mom took me to a Shopko and I saw a row of CD's and I was walking down I saw the beautifully ugly face of Rob Zombie for the first time I think it was a greatest hits album or something but the cover art struck me deeply and I begged my mother for it so she bought it for me. I got home and popped it in the little crappy boom box that I had and my mind was blown I would sit for hours picturing what it would be like to make music that sounded like that.

14 If you could go on tour with any band or artist, who would you go with? (You can list more than one)

I would have to say KoRn, I've been a big fan for years and actually have got to talk to Jonathan on a few occasions and almost got to open for them around when he was finishing up his solo tour but health issues that lead to my hospitalization prevented that so I would be very pleased if the opportunity ever came around again. I mean also the energy at their shows is off the charts.

15 Do you like spicy food? Why?

I have a passion for spicy food its the best thing in the world, I would have to say the reason is my grandfather on my moms side is Hispanic and raised me and my cousins on spicy food but I've developed GERD over the years so I don't get to eat too much spicy food these days without punishment if you know what I mean.

16 Are you usually late, early, or on time?

Being as anxious as I am I'm always very early for a reason it's so I can take in the environment and study it briefly in my head while coming up with a plan for the occasion. I always have to have a little personal plan in my head for everything kind of a plan B type thing.

17 How often do you use the internet?

Super often. since I'm always doing a lot of promoting jobs and the internet is the primary way to promote these days I find myself using the internet probably too much sometimes.

18 What scares you the most, and why does it scare you so much?

Probably the fact so many health issues run in my families such as heart attacks and strokes, it's just a terrifying thing to think any moment your heart or brain might erupt and give out and I have so many projects I hope I can do before that. Also, society has kind of taught most of us since childhood to be afraid of death.

19 What is your favorite kind of animal and why?

the Rainbow Trout it's just a stunning creature and its the first fish I ever caught on a fishing pole. Everyone knows I'm an avid angler or otherwise worded as a fishing addict.

20 What is the nastiest thing a fan has ever done to you, and what is the best thing a fan has ever done?

I had a fan or more like a groupie try to steal one of the most prized guitars from my home and take it back to Texas where they lived, I still think about that sometimes. The best thing a fan has ever done for me, funnily enough, gave me a Dean Razorback guitar because they knew I had lost one previously I think I pawned it or something. They knew somehow and knew it would be thoughtful to give me one almost identical.

21 What is your favorite song by your band, and what is your favorite song to perform at shows?

I'd say Spate because its the most technical song to play on guitar, but live it would be Psycho it just has the right energy to get people moving and jumping.

22 What is one song or band that whenever you listen to it/them you can't stand to listen to it?

I get crap for this now and then but without a doubt Guns N' Roses I can't stand Axl's voice it drives me nuts and he just has such a douchebag personality we've all heard about his prima donna moments walking off stage and punching photographers. I've heard he has mellowed out since then but in recent years he annoyed me by becoming the singer for AC/DC for a while he ruined one the most legendary bands of all time.

23 Make me a playlist, but some songs that you have been listening too lately here.

24 Back to the Nasty. What's the nastiest or worst thing that's happened to you before a show, recording, traveling, anything related to your work.

My previous record label before I started Dejected which I won't name out of goodwill anyway my manager did not fully pay me what was owed from CD sales in record stores and digital copies. I think that's probably the thing that still bothers me the most.

25 Tell me about your recent Album.

The latest release I put out was in 2017 called "Psilocybin" for obvious reasons I was doing a ton of mushrooms and tripping my balls off while recording the songs. it ended up selling in Walmart, Target, FYE and smaller chains across the country and it did fairly well with radio and press releases. Its the release I'm most proud of, the release previous to it "Perdition" was just a crappier lower quality production of "Psilocybin"

26 Where do you think your music direction is heading? Have you felt you have changed a lot? Elaborate.

I think it's headed in a good direction we seem to grow just a little more each day and it's for sure changed a lot when I first started making music I was totally about the metal genre. Then I started getting into rap and more specifically rap that was fused with metal or heavier vibes and even experimental music which I love that on Dejected its not just a specific genre anymore it's multiple fused drawings of a more unique crowd that's not just a fan of a single genre of music.

27 What are your plans, this isn't just music-related.

Well, I've recently started writing a guide book on catching fish in Salt Lake with the help of the DWR, and just earlier this year I made a fishing Instagram blog which you can find below and I plan to do a lot more in that field.

29 Say some advice to anyone trying to go into music.

There's gonna be a lot of defeats with the wins, times you feel like giving up but you have to find that true passion and never let other peoples judgment guide YOUR career's direction.

30 Who is the most exciting person you have worked with music-wise?

Probably sTaRaTs he opened up a new door for me in producing and making beats/instrumentals in different styles I never probably would've found otherwise he is also a talented graphic designer.


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