Interview with Creepa from Dejected Records

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1 Let's start out with you giving your name and socials. Plug them below.

My names creepa aka mister miserable aka Marvin the Martian manhunter aka the king of heretics aka nipple boi and then any variation of the word creep are other aliases...oh yeah my good friend Melissa dubbed me princess creepa cause regardless of me being a guy I’m still a pretty princess lol

2 Where are you from/Where are you based out of? 
I’m originally from Catania Italy but I moved to America when I was young and now I live in Washington stage in a very small and very very very ghetto town called Grandview. 

3 Name at least one weird habit that you have that you regularly do, and has anyone ever noticed you doing it?
 I have autism so there are several things I do that most people would call weird but they’re mostly like ticks and shit like for example I can’t go barefoot I have to wear socks at all times and I don’t wear socks outside cause they get dirty or another thing I do is you know on a cigarette how they have the seal where the paper folds over or whatever ever since I was about 15 or so I've had to flip that little seal on every cigarette I smoke so that it’s what I call against the grain but I have a lot of weird things I do lol,

4 What do you think about Heavy Vibe? Or media in general, if you could say something to let all people working in media know, what would it be?

I dig it ever since the record label I’m signed to Dejected Records started our business relationship with y’all we’ve been able to have some awesome stuff happen such as this interview or having us be spotlighted in some pretty big ways I can’t help but think heavy vibe has helped to grow our fan base and be discovered by new listeners who otherwise would’ve never heard of us.

5 What do you like most about working in the music industry and what do you like least about it?

 The most that’s easy for me the best part about being a musician is being on stage performing my songs feeding off the crowds energy and just going crazy from that adrenaline high that comes with performing in front of a crowd but I also love the business itself meeting new musicians meeting and making new fans doing songs with all sorts of other musicians the thing I like the least about it is the fact everybody in the music industry nowadays seems to have a big head and think they’re above other artists and just the fact there’s so much of a divide between musicians as well as fans and just the fact people don’t seem to realize that if we all came together and worked together helped each other out etc then there is more than enough room for everyone to make it

6 Do you have a mentor?

 I have a couple both related to music and not my uncle buck would be my first he’s the person who inspired me to become a death metal vocalist and then later a rapper but he basically was my mentor for much of my early years as a musician then there’s the underground rapper Bloodshot who helped me out a lot back in the day helped put me on and shit and then lastly there’s my mom granted she’s not a musician she does know a lot about the music business and since I was 8 years old learning how to play the clarinet she’s mentored me so I can be at my very best.

7 If you could meet one celebrity, who would you meet? (dead or alive

DR. Neil degrease Tyson if you’ve never heard of him he’s the worlds foremost Astrophysicist who is also quite hilarious and is a fan of rap he is hands down my hero he’s the man that made me want to pursue a career in astrophysics

8 What was your dream job when you were you were younger?

To become a famous musician who doesn’t just have a career in music but is a full-on legitimate entrepreneur.

9 Name something that makes you uncomfortable, pet peeve, phobia, etc. and explain why.

Shoes on my bed because it’s ducking disgusting I have germaphobia I just feel like I can never be too clean and I’m afraid of getting dirty cause I have little freak outs when I do I’m afraid of heights cause I’m clumsy af and I know I’m probably likely to do something clumsy that ends up making me fall down whatever high place I’m at I’m sure there’s more but those are just off the top of my head

10 Who is the best cook in the band/group you're in?

 Well I’m a solo artist so me but even if I was in a band the answer would still be me I actually was going to go to culinary school to become a gourmet chef before I had a kid and had to drop out of high school so yeah imma master in the kitchen .

11 Where was or would be your favorite place to perform? 

Doesn’t matter the location red rock would be nice though but anywhere where my performance gets broadcast on tv worldwide kinda like how live aid was in the 80s just a show where mostly everybody on the planet is watching me

12 Name one time you have broken the rules. 

I break the rules all the time imma rebel by every meaning of the world rules were meant to be broken authority was meant to be disobeyed justice is meant to be decided by the people I am a hundred and twenty million percent a full-on anarchist and I believe rules need to be broken so that we may see peace

13 Who is your biggest musical influence?

 Damn that’s hard there’s so many but my number one influence would probably have to be Corey Taylor.

14 If you could go on tour with any band or artist, who would you go with? (You can list more than one) 

My Dejected brother’s hands down nobody else in the world I’d rather drive around the country playing shows together every night with

15 Do you like spicy food? Why?

 I love spicy foods but it hates me lol

16 Are you usually late, early, or on time?

 I’m always early and I mean like a half hour to forty minutes early lol

17 How often do you use the internet?

 Everyday consume conform am I right lol

18 What scares you the most, and why does it scare you so much?

 Life scares me the most because anything can happen to any one of us at any second and you never know if or when it’s going to or what it’s going to be I don’t believe people should be afraid of death because nothing bad can happen to you if you’re dead you’re at peace you’re free you’re safe but life, on the other hand, there's an infinite amount of bad things that can happen to you or even the ones you love and a lot of those things will make you wish you were dead if they didn’t kill you

19 What is your favorite kind of animal and why?

 Bengal tigers because they’re so beautiful and I don’t know I just love big cats but tigers especially Bengal tigers are majestic as fuck and are very unlike other big cats and they’re basically giant three hundred pound feline ninjas with giant claws attached to their feet and teeth that’ll bite through bone

20 What is the nastiest thing a fan has ever done to you, and what is the best thing a fan has ever done?

Hmm I don’t know nastiest thing a fan has done is probably when this female fan of mine who wanted my dick carved creepa on her tit with a rusty clarify it wasn’t rusted very badly just a smidge of rust on it the best thing a fan has ever done for me is either the somewhat similar to the carving thing but when a fan got a creepa tattoo on their arm that or back when I was in my early 20s a fan of mine made me a hand made Oakland Raiders jersey.

21 What is your favorite song by your band/yourself, and what is your favorite song to perform at shows?

My favorite song by me hmmm that’s hard I’ve been making music for so long and have made so many songs it’s hard to say but i'm probably gonna have to go with my more recent song hot rails & heartbreak or my song deadly nightshade or the rebirth one of those three.

22 What is one song or band that whenever you listen to it/them you can’t stand to listen to it? 

Ac/dc and Guns N’ Roses hate them both they’re terrible

23 Make me a playlist, put some songs that you have been listening too lately here
Darksside ft starats satanic Godzilla myself ft despised masses executing my demons before dawn slipknot we are not your kind tool fear inoculum bad wolves zombie strapping young lad possessions primus my name is mud Devin Townsend ih-ah Glassjaw ape dos mil deftones no ordinary love combichrist maggots at the party Sumerian suicide everything you love Steve vai for the love of god jinjer judgement (and punishment) devil driver sail and starats hey wait

24 Back to the Nasty. What’s the nastiest thing that’s happened to you before a show, recording, traveling, anything related to your work.
 I almost threw up on stage at a show once after drinking too many crown royal on the rocks but I swallowed it but it was awkward as hell cause I was standing there on stage trying not to throw up choking completely unable to sing my song and of course gagging which I think I even gagged with the microphone close to my mouth

25 Tell me about your recent Album.

The last album I dropped is called fuck the famous kill the sheep: the demos and it’s a demo tape that I made start to finish in only twenty three hours which I did that because I was going to rehab and I didn’t want to leave people empty handed so instead of making one song to tide people over til I got out of treatment and could make more I figured why not just make a whole album in twenty four hours or less that way there could be a plethora of new material for people to listen to while in rehab

26 Where do you think your music direction is heading? Have you felt you have changed a lot? 

Elaborate. I am certain my career is going to take not just me but my label mates to the very top as far as independent artists and record companies go and that we are the next big thing as far as the direction of my music, in general, i am hoping it starts going in the direction of being the new eras type of nu metal and I think it’s going to go in a more aggressive direction and a darker direction a more blasphemous direction if you will

27 What are you future plans, this isn’t just music related. 

Future plans are to go back to school to get a PhD in astrophysics and juggle my rap career with my science career I want to have a career as a college professor teaching astrophysics at some point in my life im already studying that field of science as it is and it confident I’ll have a lot of success at it future plans with music would be touring allover the world playing for sold out shows i also plan on spending the rest of my life with my boo and helping her raise her kids as if they were my own family I always say if there’s one thing I’m meant to be in this life it’s a dad even if it’s a step dad I just love being a dad and having kids to keep me on my toes and keep my spirits lifted and then when I’m an old man and retire from music and science and whatever other careers I end up having I plan on buying a Volkswagen bus painting it like the mystery machine and just be a drifter driving allover the state and maybe Canada and Mexico too going from one town staying there for a month of two working on jobs raising up enough money to drive to the next town on my journey just livin in my van on the open road with my girl and my dog being as free as one can get

29 Say some advice to anyone trying to go into music. 

Be patient you’re not gonna be an amazing musician when you’re first starting out it takes time and lots of practice so just be patient practice your craft a ton work on your music career slowly don’t jump the gun and invest in something to do with your music to try and market for a profit when you’re a rookie at the game cause chances are you’re not gonna have any real fans or supporters and you’ll have spent that money on nothing and have a bunch of shit you invested in with nobody caring or knowing enough to buy it you’ll be stuck with it and will end up having to give it away for free don’t let your ego get the best of you keep that ego in check just cause you can make music doesn’t mean you’re some bad ass who should be getting love and respect and praise by your peers it takes time A LOT OF TIME to get to the point where you can have an ego and not only that but should have an ego cause that means you believe in yourself and if you believe others will

30 Who is the most exciting person you have worked with music wise? 

Probably my Sumerian suicide brother poltergei$t it’s definitely exciting doing anything involving our art with him even though he is infamous for leaving songs half finished and never going back to finish them (if you’re reading this polty get your ass in gear on our butterfly remake already I’ve been waiting too long hurry the hell up! Lol love ya bro)