An Open Letter to the band Dizygote, and in defense of all Media in the Metal Scene and Beyond.

Dizygote band video shoot

Dear Dizygote,

Thank you so much for your three-word email with a link in my inbox, it really made my sorting through the hundreds of eager, kind-hearted bands in my inbox much easier for getting some general information about you. As I have to all bands that have sent me emails lately searching for information in hopes of being posted on my blog for an interview, I sent the following response.

Note: This is the exact response that I emailed you exactly.

UPDATE: There is now a Google Forms you can submit everything through in one place:

Hello! My name is Coleman and I am the owner and author on Heavy Vibe. Currently my emails are super swamped, so please forgive me if I don’t reply back fast or are just confused in general. This all is just going to be a big blog of text explains what heavy Vibe is, what i do, and some other questions you might have.

You can check out my Instagram page and drop a follow and I will follow you back.

Here's my link:

If you would like to do an Interview with Heavy Vibe, please reply back to this email with a Bio you make of your band, please include any information that could be deemed relevant to your band and further a personal connection with the reader about your music. Some great things to add to your Bio would be Stories about some of your experiences(shows, practices, tours, etc) with the music/band are also appreciated, I just want to build a big collection of stuff about you and your band so people can access some info about you when (example) A venue manager looks up your band name online.

Here's a good example of a band bio:

I am also going to use this time to shamelessly plug my Facebook Promo Group for my website, Along with some other stuff lol.

Heavy Vibe Promo Group:

If your band is interested in music reviews, please also mention that in your reply back to this email. Heavy Vibe currently only offers paid promotional packages that include either a Song Review, or a Full Album review which contains specialized graphics made for the post that the band/artist can then use for whatever they want AFTER the post is published and uploaded.

If you are interested in what paid packages offer, please check this link:

If you band is also interested in sending shirts, CDs, Stickers, or other items to Heavy Vibe for promotional reasons, please also include that in your reply back to this email. We can discuss in depth more on the Merch Packages if you have any questions. But in a nutshell: When a band sends a promotional package to Heavy Vibe, it can include anything from CD’s, Shirts (dude, we love long sleeves), Posters, Stickers, to more unique items. A requirement for this: One item in said merch box must be signed by band members to be added to the Memory Wall. As the merch box is being sent, Heavy Vibe will promote any new releases of your band, music, shows, and Review one of your songs of your choosing. Note: Heavy Vibe is based out of Northern California in the USA. Please mention if you are from out of the country and further comp. Can be added to the promotion as a thank you from Heavy Vibe for supporting us.

Thank you for reaching out to Heavy Vibe, I will try and be as fast as I can with replies. Have a nice night/day! And remember to Follow Heavy Vibe on Instagram and Like us on FB!

As a Note: This email is being sent to all of the emails in my inbox until I can sort through all of the emails and start organizing and replying to them. Thank you for your understanding.

As you can see, I did try my very best to include any and all information someone would want more details on from the page listed on this website. And I did mention multiple times, apologized even mentioning how full my inbox was with the sudden influx of bands contacting me to be published on my blog. And the only reason that this email was sent, is so that bands that sent emails with three words, could understand what they would need to do so that I didn't have to spend 5 hours explaining to them how it works and why they need to send me a Bio over a messenger text on the Heavy Vibe Facebook Page.

But as many people who work in the media know, you can never make everyone happy, no matter how kind your gesture is. I had decided to allow bands to reach out to me rather than me selectively reaching out and spending hours searching for a band and hoping they would respond. I reached out to a very active group on Facebook and was met with an overwhelming amount of interest and don't get me wrong- I am excited. And you, the reader should be also, because the only thing this overwhelming tsunami of emails and inquiries means for you is a mass amount of fresh content and exposure to new music, bands, genres and more. Which is exactly what I wanted.

As a response to my email, trying to put down a baseline of answers to my relatively vague statement on a Facebook Group trying to entice activity towards my email and stimulate the stagnate water that could be compared to my Emails. Dizygote replied with this:

Hi Coleman,
If you truly want to interview us, you should approach us with some knowledge of our music and a more personal introduction. This is a very impersonal assembly-line introduction and a bit insulting. It comes across as an advertisement. We're interested in interfacing with folks who understand who we are and what we're about. We are artists, not a commodity.


Now, this is actually my first critiquing email of something generous I was doing towards the metal community that I would like to call a family. So I was taken aback when the notification for this popped up on my phone whilst I was cleaning out a shed. 

While yes, I agree that it wasn't the most "Personal" approach, yet it was the most efficient. And when I had 12 other unread emails of eager bands who would be happy to get this informational email and understand like many others, in fact, all other human beings. They can be overwhelmed. But I take pride that what you, Dizzygote, consider an"Assembly line", to be an efficient way of being able to connect with as many bands as possible, with no crap conversations, so that after everything work-related is finished and worked out, I would be able to have an in-depth conversation with whatever of  the few hundred bands patiently and eagerly waiting in my inbox to be able to  have a "Personal Touch" so that I can tweak the interview to best match their band, and further the connection so that when aid band wanted to work with me again, I would be able to pull up the conversation and refresh my memory on everything said band is about, from the Bio I requested in the informational email I sent you, so I could know more about your band than what you gave me.

Hi, we’re Dizygote:

Media throughout the metal scene are happy to work with new people, but when large amounts of people suddenly contact you over a time period of 14 hours, to the point of google not allowing any more emails to be sent to your inbox for a period of time, they are overwhelmed. It doesn't even have to be a large number of people contacting us, after the stages of getting to know basic information, and moving onto introductions and interviews, we can stress out about making sure the content we post will represent this new band that we are helping in a good way. And I take pride in everything I publish, so you better bet I stress out about every post I make.

Many other bloggers, or magazines, or zines, or whatever you would like to mention, would pay a lot of attention to how many followers, the fanbase, and more key details such as view count, like to dislike ratio, and more. But for this open-armed opportunity, as I do with much of my other 'programs' on this blog, I would dismiss that, and solely work on building a reputation for the band, and getting their name out there. Doesn't matter if I like their music or not, the good karma always finds it was back to me. But when you have a program that is inclusive to everyone, you must become more efficient, or you won't be able you wouldn't be able to get to all of the other bands who would happily write you a book for a bio and send you a thank you card three months later.

With the high submission rate, things must be broken down into a science so, every band that makes it through a rough, three-step program of me getting to know, gathering information, and personalizing said interview, or whatever said media person would work with. Podcats, Radio Shows, and more are all amazing things everyday people LIKE MYSELF, do in our free time. I still do my AP Homework, I still go to Cheer practice, and yet I still make time every day to work on this blog, because I consider it my baby. And to see not only the blog grow, but me to grow from interviewing Lena from Infected Rain, in (I think) a 3 question Interview over Instagram. To so many people reaching out and me publishing new content to expose to a hungry audience.

To further my point on the topic of whelmingness, and even the fact of "personalization" in contacting you, Dizygote. The community I spoke of earlier? Unless the 9 Subscribers you currently have, or the Forty-Something followers you have on your Facebook page have the most tight-knit, cult-like fan base in the history of fanbases, which I strongly doubt. There Isn't much to examine. Your nine-minute-long video of two people in your "Music Video" isn't a lot of information that I could strongly personalize the message that you so dearly wanted.  While I understand your intentions of wanting an interview were for exposure, I grant you this gift instead. As an example and proof to all other media out there in any genre, and in any scene. I will give you the attention you so badly wanted, but with the context, it needed to be in. Your ungratefulness towards my attempt to be generous towards my Metal Family is not appreciated. But I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to call this problem out. People in the media are people too, and the fact you would insult me so has me seething, yet happy for you. Congratulations Dizygote, you make gain a few likes on Facebook, or possibly a Subscriber on Youtube due to the sheer rudeness and narcissism towards your band and it's standing.

But here you go, dear Dizgote, is this a personalized enough message for you? I wish you the best for your future and do strongly hope that your dreams come true and all media or anyone who works in the press would bow down to your amazing 9 Subscriber count.




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