Over Could Corruption Interview- RAGE

Hey guys! I have done this new thing where I have been livestreaming while I work on people's posts! I being able to work while talking to you guys and getting your feedback! This is a continuation of the Over Clouds Corruption interviews I have been doing. Remeber to check out their music, and also remeber to go look at all of their socials!

-What Is your name?


-Where are you from?


-What is your band/artist name?


-Social Medias?

Fuck socials and who invented them!

-How do you describe your music?

My music is just my soul laid bare

-What makes your music unique?

Don’t know if my music could be defined as ‘unique’. Every musician is special in his own way. I just try to convey all my emotions through my composition and playing.

-What do you like most about working in the music industry and what do you like least about it?

To be on stage, definitely! Is my reason for living. What I can’t stand, instead,  is all this social media overuse (even in music sector)  that makes everything so fleeting and doesn’t give the real value to things or feelings.

-Do you have a mentor?

Not someone in particular, but there are various artists’ way of life to draw from.

-If you could meet one celebrity, who would you meet? (dead or alive)

Chester Bennington

-What was your dream job when you were you were younger?

I always thought that working as contract killer would have been very lucrative. Maybe i was right.

-Name something that makes you uncomfortable, pet peeve, phobia, etc. and explain why.

Hypocrisy and ignorance are two things that make me think that contract killer job wouldn’t be  so wrong indeed.

-Where was or would be your favorite place to preform/OR create content?

Everywhere someone is ear-wide-open for our music

-Name one time you have broken the rules.

Maybe i shouldn’t say it all… i don’t like jail.

-Who is your biggest musical influence?

Music in its integrity is my biggest influence.

-If you could go on tour with any band or artist, who would you go with? (You can list more than one)

Touring with anyone who has my same music passion. Thinking big would say:  Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying, Trivium, August Burns Red and so on…

-Do you like spicy food? Why?
Yes, it gives that extra flavour to dishes, especially pasta.

-Are you usually late, early, or on time?

Usually on time, but only when i feel like it.

-How often do you use the internet?


-What scares you the most, and why does it scare you so much?

I’m scared of not being able to play or listen to music anymore because of some random disease. Music is my  lifeblood

-What is your favorite kind of animal and why?

Dogs. Fill my heart with their unconditional love.


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