Nihil Eyes- Black Path Album Review (1/2)

Now, I would like to introduce you- reader, to the band Nihil Eyes. This is going to be an album review of their album "Black Path". Now as many of you guys know, the more hardcore stuff may not be my favorite or my area of specialty- but I am willing to give anything a review.

As I have come to realize, one of the most distinguishable factors that make the heavier genres are the longer intros- much to my dismay, but I will swallow that sad pet peeve and continue on with this review of their music without bias against the length of their intro.

Now many of you know how I review music- I turn the music on, and I listen to the song and I give my opinion. I feel by doing this it allows for me to give a well-rounded response to the music rather than listening to it all at once and not remember it all fully because I am not a robot and I will not remember every second of a full album. I do not think anyone can.

Nihl Eyes:

The starting track on the album, starting out with strong drums, something that I haven't seen as much before- a very common thing death metal bands are doing is starting out with a pre-recorded eerie music. The Guitar maintains a good rhythm along with the vocals, which also is very pleasing to hear even if you don't like death metal. It is like a pot of corresponding musical flavors that bring out more within each other. With the Drums, Vocals, Guitar, and Bass all playing a part intertwined to help emphasize not only the vocals but each other. It is seen too much where the vocals overpower the rest of the song and remove a key part. Let's compare it to Mac n' Cheese. The vocals are the Mac, but the milk and butter are the Drums, Guitar, and Bass. The Cheese packet in the box is the song. And without the correct amount of the milk and butter, it's not going to be very good Mac n' Cheese. Overall the song has a very strong and energetic theme throughout it. The Vocals also bring an extra oomph of power to the song that I wouldn't describe as violent but rather as demanding.

A sky of black
A rain of oil
Nothing here can breathe
Nothing here can move or see

These eyes see nothing
This flesh feels nothing

We only sink
We writhe and suffocate
Sink into
This ravenous landscape

These eyes see nothing
This flesh feels nothing
Lord take these
Nihil eyes

Fighting we lose
Our own humanity
I stare in the void
And I know that it sees me

We are the empty
Souls without love
We are the empty
Names with no face

Burn The Leech:

This song starts out with super energetic and powerful guitar, going straight into some lyrics, which I prefer much more than a long intro (Oh my bad there's my bias). And due to the fact if I posted the lyrics below it would most likely have future consequences against the placement of this website because swearing is bad, I regret to inform you that if you want to find the lyrics. You will have to click anywhere in this sentence to be taken to this album. Now, the rest of the song does carry out with the same energy that comes in the beginning. So rather than repeating myself, I am going to point out some lyrics that I found interesting- and you should too. I will most likely have an interview with this band to get some insight on what this means to them personally. But this is just my take on it. The lyrics "legalized theft preserves your ruling class." is definitely a nod to the phrase "Taxation is theft." but rather than sitting here and saying that it 100% is, this is just a comment saying, later on, there will be an interview/clarification post on this interesting lyric. Feel free to comment below what you guys think about it.

Lord of Flies:

Now this bugged me. Literally. The start with the sounds of the flies bugged me. Jokes aside- nice choice, I've listened to a lot of songs before with the theme/name "Lord of  Flies" but this is the first one I've heard that utilizes the sound of bugs. Maybe it's just my ignorance to the heavier genre makes that statement false- just in my experience. It makes it unique, and I like it. This song is heavy as heck with the drums, and just listening to it made me break a sweat- I imagine these beefy arms banging on the drums and cymbals at lightning speed, and if you listen to it, you will too.

Crushing uprisings while they’re still ideas
Swallow the opient down

Get down to your knees - can you hear there cries

Struggling for conscience
Once you awake
Only your torment and death will await

Get down to your knees - can you hear there cries
Get to your knees

Bow down plebes - and suffer - bow your heads

Feeding their maggots with what we consume
Widen divides, sacrifice youths
Bow, serve, whatever it takes

Bow to your new gods
Bow feel now rapture

As The Water Falls:

This song definitely starts out a lot calmer, even giving me some Metallica vibes if it isn't offensive to call it that. To me, it sounded like a start to a bomb Netflix series like You, or Daredevil. But that is just opinion on Netflix series intro songs. It is also noticeable that it isn't really "Screaming" in this song (note: not in the beginning- it does later in the song). It is a calmer song in general, and this song's use of the screams just puts emphasis on the words- giving it more raw emotion and making them stand out more. Which is the key element that makes metal such a raw emotion genre- you don't ever do these emphasizing screams in a song like this for something that doesn't mean anything, it comes from emotion and gives the genre it's depth that is given it's following the respect of the lyrics that are made. As I noticed with a lot of these songs, their lyrics are poetry, even if it is "dark" to some people, these lyrics are crafted well. And note my use of the word "Crafted", to me it looks like these songs took time and energy and the craftsmanship of them shows the care put into making them, and I respect that, a lot.

Nothing born, nothing create
Full of poison tears, this river fills to break.
The dark of my soul.the lake to which it flows
The depths how they call
As the water falls

In the darkest moments just a second of pain
But the scars always appear
A permanent stain

Drown me
Fill my lungs, with cold
Let me fall
Let me be at one, with nothing

Nothing born nothing reclaim
Full of poison words your lives my disdain
The dark of you all, the depths to which you’ll go
My flesh it crawls
As the water falls
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Now, this isn't the end of the album review. Just cutting it in half to help boost the shareable-ness and the scrollable ness to you lazy readers. The next part will be coming soon (Tues, Wed) most likely. So take this time as you wait for my reviews of it, to go check out the songs by clicking anywhere in this sentence to go see the album. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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