Aftershock Lineup Hint?

I saw this on Insta, mainly because everyone is freaking out sense Aftershock's tickets just went on pre-sale, and I just got mine! This year the festival is going to be 3 days long, but we don't know the lineup yet, but we've got some hints! (and by that I mean one)

Everyone's been commenting it on this Instagram post by the Aftershock Festival's official IG page.

 People think that Slipknot will be apart of the lineup for Aftershock this year! The last time I saw Slipknot was when I saw them after Bring Me The Horizon played at Aftershock. Wasn't really my cup of tea for my first festival and being tired, and it being Slipknot. But people are very excited for the high energy band to possibly be coming to Aftershock again.

As we saw with last year, we got many teasers about System Of A Down coming and playing by posting IG and Facebook teasers.

Slipknot's official IG also uploaded this to their Instagram, feeding the fire of excited fans wanting to see them play at Aftershock this year.

So what do you guys think about this? I think I will keep following the hints about who will be in the lineup before it is released. And who do you guys want to see at Aftershock play this year?

And here's a thumbnail.


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