Who Is Baby Goth?

Baby Goth popped up on the radar not too long ago seemingly out of nowhere, with the release of a music video called "Swimming". In the song, it features two well-known rappers, (Trippie Redd and Lil Xan). Not only that but also appearing on one of Triipie Redds songs, (Soundcloud Embed Below) which had sparked the conversation that she was an Industry Plant.

I do NOT want to ever come off as senselessly tearing apart someone with a stone-cold heart, but after the 17 mins, I spent my life watching the excruciatingly painful interview where Baby Goth WOULD NOT speak fully into the mic in her interview, too preoccupied fidgeting and rolling a blunt. I would like to point out when asked, she never mentions any of the "hardcore" bands she has seen other than calling it "warped tour shit"
In one of the clarification (they talk about this at the end) Baby Goth makes a point to say that she is in control of her own creative process, as criticized by others hinting at the idea that if you are an industry plant, you are not in control of your career, and are in a way a puppet of whom you are signed too.
She also mentions that when she was raising her second child, she personally funded the first EP that she claimed was never released. That and she would work when she could and creating covers of songs.

(not for sure if this was something realised during that period but this is a cover of her)
The interview done with No Jumper hints highly to a video published on youtube that really goes deep into who Baby Goth was before she became Baby Goth.
This is the video mentioned in the No Jumper interview, where she goes to debunk some of the claims made. Personally not fully satisfying what I want to know about her, but it is a start.
Now, while the video is (more than lightly) opinionated piece on Baby Goth; it gives a vast collection of research on who she is and more of a REAL background.

Baby Goth's Soundcloud Link:

Baby Goth's Spotify Link:

Now diving into the past of Baby Goth, the video linked above found the name "Bria Bueno", along with a whole album to the name, and a key thing: Baby Goth is Bria Bueno. Killing the idea of Swimming being the very first song that Baby Goth has published (yes, as the name Baby Goth, but not ever.)

One of the key songs on the album is titled "Babyface" which seems to send a wink wink nod to the name Baby Goth, kind of like a more alternative form of a Melanie Martinez. Along with the song Babyface, more songs compiled into the album are "Spilled Milk", "Pacify Me" (wow, seems very similar to an album published by Melanie Martinez, almost like a form of flattery that is copying. Hm.)
Wow, so similar. I wonder whats going on there. 
She also has a Soundcloud under the name Bria Bueno, the only difference is that all of the songs are now removed from it. But there was something left behind that basically confirms that it was all deleted. The Bio of the Soundcloud was left the same, reading:
"Bria Bueno
but I'm not ur good girl
Listen to my DEBUT EP, Babyface. Out NOW on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, & GooglePlay."
Along with more links to all of her social media including an (I don't know if the username is still connected to a living account)
Snapchat: briabueno
And many dead links, including a, removed Facebook Page. Wonder where that went.

But, to try to at least round this mess into a conclusion. Bria Bueno seems to be something the Baby Goth is not very effectively trying to do. Destroy her past life, to be the "first song ever" with two famous rappers. I hope that either she does own up to her past rather than acting like it never happened, because right now she is just coming off to me, and most likely many other as one big ol' thing: a poser. But hopefully, this post does not come off as social anxiety giving thing to her, if she wants to be open to being a creator, she needs to be open to criticism, and as of right now, she is leaving herself open to being viciously attacked with sloppy claims and acting like the past has never happened. If anything more interesting comes out I will most likely post about it on Instagram, I welcome the hate comments: Remember, views are views. Have a good day!



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