HYDRA - Sentinel of Aeon (Pre-Production Version)

With a little DM to Liz (Hydra's Lead Singer) here I am, showing you this post.

The song released is a tease for their new album coming out that you can pre-order at http://www.hydraofficial.com/store/category/pre-order-hydra-iii, there you can choose from different packages of merch, CDs and more. The Fan Edition Packages is featured with:
"Pre-Order the HYDRA III Fan Edition with one-of-a-kind items!
The fan edition includes the following stuff:
- The third HYDRA album (signed)
- Band photograph (signed)
- HYDRA Band Shirt (available in S, M, L, XL, XXL)
- a handwritten lyric sheet, written by Lisa on high quality writing paper (signed by Lisa; (you get a random HYDRA song text))"

"HYDRA is a symphonic (death) metal band from Regensburg, Germany.
The band released two full length albums so far and the third album, which already can be pre-ordered, is currently in the making.

The pre-production version of the new song 'Sentinel of Aeon' gives you a first hint how the new HYDRA will sound. More details, e.g. exciting vocal layers as well as a real choir and probably some minor changes can be expected in the final version.

The video for 'Sentinel of Aeon' is self-recorded and edited." -HYDRA



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