Redwood Metalfest (2018) OVERVIEW

Even though this has taken forever to post, now that I have finally gotten to it I'm going to break down the parts of the Redwood Metalfest I attended and tell you how I felt about it. (Wow, so basically an opinionated overview/review, could've said that in the beginning, couldn't I?)
In Ukiah, it felt like it was 200 degrees, but in reality it was 95(ish) but really humid. Multiple stages were set up, along with multiple clothing booths and food vendors. My personal favorite, the Ice Cream Stand, is where I got a fat bowl of Blackberry Sorbet to stalk around and take pictures on my phone because I had forgot my camera at home.

The atmosphere of the festival was surprisingly pleasant. The turnout was around 200 people walking through the venue in the duration of time I was there. A free local music festival, opportunities for local bands (or at least smaller ones) to come around and spread their audience.

I heard about the festival from a friend at Honest Brutality.  There was three different stages, the Honest Brutality Stage, the Rock Rage Radio, and the Brutal Rage Stage. The three stages would host the genres of Metal, Punk, and the "eclectic" Brutal Rage Stage.

The festival hosted 18 different bands in the course of the day. All of which seemed to get better and better, obviously saving better for last.

Overall, the Redwood Metalfest was a highly enjoyable experience, and I highly encourage people in the Northern California area to check out local music events, especially this one. And to keep in mind that they plan to keep growing this event more and more to better it and include more vendors, merch stands, and bands. With my experience it was completely kid friendly, and they even had signs posted up on the stages for the whole band to see explicitly warning them to not even drop the F bomb. I had someone ask me about coming to the event if you needed to sit down every once and a while because you couldn't stand for long periods of time at once, and to that don't worry. If the festival stays in the same location, (which I think it will be staying in the same location) in the Alex Thomas Plaza in Ukiah. All along the outsides of the stages and surrounding the plaza are plenty of benches and other places for people to sit if needed, along with trees for shade if you are worried about that. The Metalfest was a nice breakup of going to festivals with 20k people in them, and being up close and personal with the bands. So in short, yes. If you can, do attend this festival. It includes all different kinds of Rock/Metal and overall is a great experience.


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