BMTH's Realse of 'MANTRA'

Many rumors going around the Rock community were speculating that BMTH would go full Pop in there new release, but many were left pleasantly surprised when they kept some of their roots in Alt/Heavy Metal.

I think the fan base around BMTH was a little more focused first on the change of hair, from long and curly dark brown to buzz cut pink, not that any of us are complaining. The music video has reached over 4 million views as of me writing this post, and will most likely keep skyrocketing in views.

One of the favorites of the video is the little dangly earring people have been spotting and taking note of, that and the fact that Oliver held a down payment to a house around his neck and on his fingers.

The question "Do you want to start a Cult with Me?" has been highlighted in Horizon Supply Co.'s newest clothing items, along with the question, it has created a theme in the community to come back and surround BMTH with just as much hype as the last album. While many people are quick to criticize BMTH for the change in their tone of music in going in the direction they felt was best to keep their music real and meaningful, I say it sounds refreshing to hear something new. The Rock world's artists have clung to a repetitive reoccurring theme in their music and it is giving the correct stereotype to "All metal sounds the same". This song is breaking ground at disproving that.


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