Pouya Insperation

A little bit ago, Pouya uploaded to Instagram a video from one of his concerts. Along with a caption "I came from fucking nothing , sleeping on nicks floor , tryna scrap up money to eat , dropped out of school , everyone thought I wouldn’t be shit , when I was younger I shared a room with my big brother and my sisters shared a room together , 6 people living in a 3 bedroom house , look at me now , I hate being on that emotional inspirational tip but I woke up today and I had to sit back and look at what I’ve done and I’m truly blessed and I appreciate the support. I have many mouths to feed and I won’t stop winning." I have been seeing a lot of these kids of posts lately, how people are showing that they just didn't wake up one day and were suddenly popular. Many of the bands you see to day had to slowly work towards to where they are today, with time, effort, and the support of their fans. Keep that in mind, bands and artists rely on the support of their fans. That means you all 

Along with the video the lovely little "Baby Dick!" yelled in the background


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