Greeta Van Fleet Releases New EP: "From The Fires"

A few hours ago, Greeta Van Fleet posted on Insta the link to the new EP that has been long awaited from them, "From The Fires". Posting the link to download their new EP here. Before this, they uploaded multiple teasers to their Instagram, shown below. The EP includes some of their most popular songs, such as "Highway Tune"and "Safari Song".

After following this band a few weeks before seeing them preform live at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, I give them creds for sounding exactly the same in concert as they do in their music. Giving a performance where you can feel the energy moving through the air, even with a few bumps, (their tour bus broke down 3 hours out of Sacramento) they still got to Aftershock, got squeezed into the schedule, and preformed one of my favorite concerts of the night. Greeta Van Fleet is a band bringing a fresh, energetic vibe, to a old genre on Rock n' roll.

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And, as to make it all better, their all pretty hot.


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