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Friday At Aftershock? Oh boy, here we go.

It's nearly 10am and I'm currently riding to the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, if you didn't already know. And if you're prepping for the festival right now, here's some tips: Walmart has Fanny packs You can bring in one 20 oz. water bottle per person per day. That's $6 right there. If you're bringing in Tylenol, make sure the bottle's sealed You're sunscreen should have a seal on it too. It's going to be significantly colder than it normally is, so we won't all be borderline heat stroking the whole time, this time we'll be borderline hypothermic.  DOWNLOAD THE AFTERSHOCK APP The festival is going to be a dead zone, as per usual, but every once and a while you can get a call & text message out. So don't rely on Instagram Direct message & Snapchat. Now onto the good shit, if you didn't already know about some of the smaller bands that will be playing today, here's your chance to learn about them. CONTRACULT Collect

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