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Let's Talk About The Bands At The Redwood Metalfest, At Least The Ones We Could Get Ahold Of.

 With the festival coming up quick, it's about time this was finally released and we got a bit of info out on the bands playing. If I can find any information about them at all. If you are stumbling upon this article with no idea what the Redwood Metalfest is, I can enlighten you a bit about it. The Redwood Metalfest is a free, all-ages concert festival at the Alex Thomas Plaza in Ukiah, California. This year is actually the last installment of this festival, and so they plan to have it go out with a bang. The last installment, I went and did some photography & video streams of the concert festival, but this year a different approach will be planned of just blatantly harassing the band members & some attendees with a bucket interview, so stay on the lookout for that. The bands that are on the lineup I have (that I believe will be playing at the event) include Agent System, Cement Sarcophagus, Arm The Valkrie, Middle Children, Greybush, Bullet Lobotomy, Phaneron, Suburban Pa

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