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LIL DUSTY G, the underground emo rapper really began to break out in his career during 2017 and 2018 with the songs "Waste Your Time", "Ghost Rider", and "Burn (feat. Ronen)". All of these songs got hundreds of thousands of views, and they weren't the only songs that were breaking out during the time, but it's some of the better-known songs. He was brought up a lot more on social media because of the drama of him stealing lyrics from Lil Peep and OmenXII. Which is a whole other topic so I don't want to get into that right now.

When I was researching information about LIL DUSTY G, I found a bunch of articles from online magazines, but when I tried to pull up the links their posts were taken down, or the websites were completely dead so that led to some big dead ends. As well as looking on Reddit as my usual go-to, it was only filled with the drama with the lyric copying.

LIL DUSTY G Is based out of Dallas, TX according to a taken down article b…

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