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TOMMY CONCRETE Announces New Album Through Trepanation Records

 TOMMY CONCRETE Announces New Album Through Trepanation Records "There are people who say there is nothing new in rock and heavy metal these days, and then there is Tommy Concrete.  (He is) quite possibly one of the most thought provoking and intelligent writers and composers out there today." Gary Cooper, The Moshville Times "Sometimes harrowing, sometimes enlightening, there isn’t a second [...] that doesn’t feel completely genuine." - Nathan Tyler, Astral Noize Marked by relentless persistence and an ever-evolving creative spirit, the music of Edinburgh, Scotland solo artist Tommy Concrete pushes new boundaries with the upcoming album Hexenzirkel.  Due out via Trepanation Records later this year, Hexenzirkel features an array of guest artists and incorporates unexpected musical genres to deliver a soundscape that fans of Devin Townsend, Ihsahn, The Gathering and Opeth will enjoy. Concrete says of the album, "It uses the same musical ingredients as my previo

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