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Interview With Jmo of Splintered Throne on New Singer Lisa Mann, and plans for 2020.

Tell me about how you found your new singer, who are they? What are they bringing to Splintered Throne that varies compared to your last vocalist?
 Lisa Mann is our new singer.  Lisa is an award-winning Contemporary Blues artist, but she never lost her love of hard rock and heavy metal music.  She learned how to play bass and sing along with her Iron Maiden and Rush albums, and first performed live in the original incarnation of crossover band Dead Conspiracy.  Though she has mostly made her mark in the blues scene, she forayed into symphonic metal as the voice and bass player of Cry for Eden.  She is also the producer of the mostly one-woman traditional metal recording project White Crone.  We now have a female-fronted band as opposed to a male one. Her vocal delivery is similar to the last singer in that she sings melodically, but at the same time, her melodies are different.  She is more of a tenor than a baritone.

Here’s a funny story…so our last show with our last singer was supp…

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