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Album Of The Year- Metallum 1/24/21 Acid Mammoth's 'Under Acid Hoof'

This week- no, this YEAR’S winning Album is Acid Mammoth’s Under Acid Hoof, Stoner Doom Metal, released January 24th, 2020. It will be added to our Metallum Spotify playlist. Acid Mammoth is a Doom Metal band based out of Greece. Releasing 'Under Acid Hoof' through Heavy Psych Sounds Records in January of 2020, the album has been described as "Stunning slab of outstanding doom. Splendid injections of pummelling bass drums pop up sporadically in this thunderous record. Great vocals that reek of sabbath." You can check out 'Under Acid Hoof' below! ACID MAMMOTH - Under Acid Hoof by HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS Records If you want to be apart of the voting process, or in general the community of Metallum V, check out the link below! Join Metallum

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