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18 Heavy Vibe Approved Songs, for July 2021

 It's weird to think that July is nearly over because it feels like it's just started- but that just means being closer and closer to all the festivals Heavy Vibe will be attending! Why is it 18 this week? Oh, that's because we had two songs approved for this post & had some technical issues with the song uploads- they'll be posted soon. Torn Palk Dead Sheep Are Easier To Count Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial Wesley's Edge Reaching Out Industrial, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock Wesley's Edge · Reaching Out Low Gear Chemical Burn Hard Rock Erasing Grace Shoot Me Post-Punk, Grunge, Alternative Rock STRATUZ Dawn Doom Metal / Sludge, Death Metal Badd Music Won't Wait for You Punk, Post-Punk, Pop Punk Hagalas Catalyst Melodic Metal, Death Metal HEELE Still Intact Post-Metal, Industrial, Alternative Rock Nominee Wrah Wrah Pop Punk ROYALS ATE BONES Virus Rap Metal, Metalcore, Alternative Rock Direlands The Leviathan Thrash Metal, Stoner Rock, Doom Metal / Sludge Go

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